7 Profitable Business Startup Ideas for the New Year 2020

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Jane Taylor in Business & Finance

17 January 2020, 08:01 GMT

When you hear the term “startup,” what do you think of?

A small tech-savvy business that someone has someone created through a Kickstarter campaign?

While that may be true in some cases, a start-up is more than just that kind of niche business.

Started by entrepreneurs, these companies are small, fast-growing businesses that revolve around innovation and meeting the needs of the marketplace.

There are a plethora of startup company ideas out there, in fact, they’re also great business ideas for women. Here are just a few we like for the start of the year this 2020.

Tech Startup Ideas

1. The Smart Bathroom/Virtual Doctor

One of the coolest ideas that have been thus far untapped for business, is that of using the smart bathroom for health technologies, or virtual doctor functions.

The bathroom is the center of most of our home healthcare happenings, and tapping into this could help clients catch health problems early on.

Smart toilets that sense issues within urine or stool, built-in blood-pressure monitors, and bathroom scales that do more than check the standard weight, body composition, and heart-rate, are just a couple of things that could make the difference in someone’s health.

2. A.I. Communication with Pets

Animal behaviorists have invested thousands of hours into video research on the behavior of our pets. We want to know how to listen to and help our furry friends when they need or want something.

The technology already exists that has discovered ways of identifying when sheep are in pain. This same technology could be applied to other animals, and apps created for average pet lovers to understand and use with their critters.

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3. Online Bookings for Outdoor Advertising

A third handy startup company would be one for using online technology for offline advertising.

As you drive down highways and neighborhood streets, you see blank billboards and bus bench signs reading, “For this advertising spot, call here.”

A startup could come out of the combination of app creation and virtual partnering with billboard and sign companies looking for easier customer acquisitions.

4. An Educational Content Start-Up

If you love on-going education, you may want to consider creating an educational content company. These companies find and create marketable materials that help keep adults learning throughout their careers.

Entire platforms are devoted to this concept, as well as general and niche apps that specifically cater to things like language learning on the go, improvement in writing skills and learning how to cook.

5. Wearable Technology

An exploding market is that of technology that you can wear. Fitness wearables are on the rage, whether you’re talking watches that double as fitness trackers or heart-rate monitors that connect with your phone and give you health updates. Gaming has virtual reality gear like helmets and goggles.

If you’ve got an idea for user-friendly, especially kid-friendly, wearable technology, you should investigate the competitors and create a business plan. Each year we see more tech develop in this area, and we expect that growth to continue as big-name brands launch new items each season.


Non-Tech Startup Ideas

6. Guided Walking Tours of Your City

Guided tours have always been popular, and that hasn’t changed. Even in the cold months of winter in Chicago, successful walking tour companies keep going. These companies offer anything from food tours for locals to architectural jaunts through historic neighborhoods that out-of-towners would never otherwise know about. Most companies offer a variety of tours organized to balance between food-oriented and information based tours throughout the week.

7. Coaching Services of Various Kinds

The Millennial generation has recognized the benefits of having a coach or mentor in various areas of life.

There are many marketable skills that people are looking for help with. If you’re really into fitness and health and want to see people reach their full potential, becoming a wellness coach could change everything for you and for your clients.

If you’re great at planning and directing your life or are just plain great at giving advice, consider launching a life coaching business. Young entrepreneurs and college students, people stuck in terrible jobs or folks who can’t seem to find work are looking for business coaches.



Love to write? There’s a place for writing coaches as well—just look at National Novel Writing Month. There are various certification programs available for any of these directions. Do some research and find reviews from real students before choosing your course.

If you notice a need that someone else isn’t meeting, or isn’t meeting well enough, jump on it. Even if you’re not a programmer, there are application building programs that give you the tools and programming information you need to create them, or partner up with someone you know or find online on an entrepreneurial networking site. Let your creativity run wild.

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