Global Entrepreneurship 101: 7 Resources to Use When Looking to Invest in Emerging Markets

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21 January 2020, 07:20 GMT

When it comes to global entrepreneurship, learning the ropes of the trade becomes essential. You can do this through various resources.

Moreover, you can also turn yourself into a better investor when you make use of tools to track your investments. You even have some free investment tools, rather than having to pay a small fortune for them.

For those who have ever tried to calculate an investment return, you understand how maddening and confusing the process becomes. It doesn't have to be that way. With the use of these tools and resources, you eliminate the pain in the process.

What Are Resources for Global Entrepreneurship and Why Should You Use Them?

Resources for global entrepreneurship and investing in emerging markets will vary greatly, depending on the need of your business and of the market you want to penetrate. Some people find it important to learn more about emerging stocks. Moreover, they can view websites that provide them a glimpse into the prices. You can also get valuable investment advice on some of these sites to make your investment pay off. Many times, as a new investor, you don't know which direction to turn, and sites like this can send you in the right direction.

Other resources you might find include investment tools. As stated above, if you ever attempted to calculate the return on your investment, you understand how confusing it can become. Things can quickly get out of control. With these tools, you can control the calculations better. Also, you have other programs that track your investments.

You might see tools that measure the negative and positive flow of volume, the price over time and the security. This simple measurement maintains the cumulative total, and it adds and subtracts each period's volume. A lot of it depends on the price volume.

When it comes to global entrepreneurship, a good investor shows up prepared. If you want to gain cash instead of losing it, these resources prepare you for investing. The best ones look at fees, allocation, and assets. It might sound strange, but you could actually even make use of budgeting software to track your investments.

Should you choose an online portfolio manager, be wary of those that fail to update funds by 7 pm. Being forced to re-enter your data from scratch is one of the furthest things from fun.

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7 of the Best Global Entrepreneurship Resources for Those Who Want to Invest in Emerging Markets

Resource #1: Stochastic Oscillator

A well-known indicator of momentum, the stochastic oscillator powers technical analysis. For upward trends, the prices should close at a higher end of the trading range. If you see a downward trend, the price will close toward the lower end of the trading range. Whenever this happens, it indicates continued strength and momentum toward a positive direction with a prevailing trend. You can plot the stochastic oscillator within the range between zero to 100.

Resource #2:

This resource uses both news, charts and graphing information to help make better predictions for a community of investors. also gives you a risk-free way to play the stock market. Once you have checked the current price of the stock, you can predict whether it will go up or down. You can also choose whether the stock will close at the lower or higher end.

Resource #3:

One of the most interesting global entrepreneurship resources, Marketocracy lets you locate some of the world's best investors to track how they invest and sell their emerging market stocks. In doing this, you follow along and learn the ropes in the process, which proves invaluable to your investments later.

You also have several performance tools like net asset value. In addition, you receive portfolio updates every quarter. If you choose to make use of it, you can also go into the performance stratification report, which divides your investments into three tiers: top performers, mid-level performers, and bottom-level performers.

Resource #4: gives you some invaluable courses on investment and trading. This resource includes an excellent web-based stock screening tool, known as the Investor Toolbox. If you encounter problems at any point, you can call for assistance in the US.

They offer support 24/7, so you will always have someone available to answer your questions. You can choose to take the online or the live workshop. Sometimes, you may want to combine the two so that you receive training both online and from a live instructor.

Resource #5:

This invaluable global entrepreneurship resource integrates all the investment tools into a single place. Whether you want investment advice from the blogs, information-filled newsletter or money managers, these tools make everything much easier to follow. Nevertheless, you should always do separate research. No one looks after your own financial interests better than you.

Resource #6: Relative Strength Index

Known as the RSI, this tool signals both oversold and overbought conditions in security. The indicator plots between zero to 100 with 100 being the most overbought. Meanwhile, zero indicates highly oversold conditions. Through the RSI, you can measure the security's strength. You will also learn if selling or buying pressure exists during a trading period.

Resource #7: Investing 101

A fantastic resource that walks you through the basics of investment, you can also download the PDF format. This resource covers investments from the ground up, making it a phenomenal choice for beginners. Emerging markets can sometimes be intimidating, which is why it helps to educate yourself on the subject before you decide to invest real money. It lets you do a test drive first.

Last Words

When looking for investment resources online for emerging markets, be cautious of resources that use overly technical terms for beginners. Also, be careful about the resource you have considered using isn't a carefully disguised sales pitch. If you enjoyed this article on global entrepreneurship resources, we invite you to share it with your friends and coworkers. You can leave a comment below to engage more in the content from this article.

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