How To Utilize A Business Administration Degree this 2020

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21 January 2020, 08:01 GMT

With so many job opportunities in the business field in the U.S., this ever-expanding market is attracting more and more students to pursue business administration degrees.

If you’re wondering what can you do with a business administration degree, you’re in for a treat. A business administration degree can get you a job in a wide variety of fields. This includes marketing, finance, technology, analytics, entrepreneurship, human resources, and so much more. 

What’s even more exciting is that these fields are applicable in virtually every industry. If you’re passionate about healthcare, non-profits, or sustainability, you can use your business administration degree to make a difference in the business side of these industries.

All types of companies, organizations, and even areas of the government are looking for people with a degree in business administration to help them in various functional areas.

If you’re trying to figure out what you can do with a business degree, follow along for a list of some of the most popular options and degree types. 

Types Of Business Administration Degrees

There are several different kinds of business administration degrees available for different kinds of students. The lowest degree type is an Associate’s of Business Administration, while the highest degree type is a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree. 

Neither of these degree times is particularly common. Instead, the two-degree types that fall in the middle, the Bachelor and Masters of Business Administration, tend to be the most common type of business administration degree. Furthermore, these two types of degrees will qualify you for most of the jobs available in the business administration field.

We’re going to get into these two types of degrees, so you can tell the difference, and evaluate which one will help you achieve your goals best. 


Bachelor Of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a four-year degree designed to help students build an excellent academic foundation to excel in the core areas of business administration and management. 

Some of the classes you may take with this degree will cover key topics such as finance, organizational behavior, accounting, economics, marketing, information technology, and other business-related issues. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a great starting point for college students who are looking to get a general knowledge about business administration and to be able to secure most entry-level and mid-level business administration positions. 

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a good choice for someone with solid leadership skills who hope to spend their career managing teams and leading projects in the different functional areas of a business. This degree will teach you the core skills and basic proficiencies of entering the world of business administration. 

Masters Of Business Administration

A Masters of Business Administration, more commonly known as an MBA degree, will give you more advanced classes and concepts to make you more prepared in handling professional-level business administration jobs.

With an MBA degree, you’ll be able to apply and qualify for an extensive list of business management careers. This degree is optimal for people who have dipped their toes in the water of business management and want to explore higher-level career opportunities. 

With a Masters of Business Administration degree, you can qualify for roles like executive director of a non-profit, management consultant, financial officer, and many more. The job opportunities for MBA graduates are limitless. All types of companies and organizations are looking for MBA degree holders to help with business operations, strategy, and financial management. 

To obtain an MBA degree or apply for an MBA program, you do not need to have a Bachelor of Business Administration to qualify. While you will need some Bachelor's degree to be accepted into the program, any major or previous career path is welcome. Do not be intimidated that if you don’t have prior business experience that you can’t go for an MBA degree. 

Possible Career Paths

The options for what you can do with a business administration degree are truly endless. A business administration degree allows you to explore the administrative functions of almost any industry. 

To give you an idea of some of the most common options for business administration degree holders, we’ve made a list outlining some of the most popular options. Keep in mind that this list doesn’t come close to how many possibilities await business administration degree holders. However, we thought it was a good way to get started and show you how to utilize a business administration degree.


Sales Manager

If you’re good at talking to people and work well with teams and deadlines, you’ll enjoy a career as a sales manager. A sales manager oversees all the sales for a company and is in charge of managing the sales teams.

Sales managers will analyze sales and data, create training programs for sales representatives, and project profitability of certain products or services that the company is offering. They work with data analysis software and CRM software, which requires a good handle on technology to be successful in this position. 


There are many different types of consultants, and all of them are attainable with a business administration degree and the right level of expertise in the area you are consulting. There are consulting positions for business management, technology, human resources, finance, and much more.

Consulting is a great job for people who love traveling and meeting new people. Consultants will work on tons of projects throughout their careers, changing their focus frequently depending on their client list. This job will require you to travel to your client’s location, giving you the opportunity to travel across the world if you work with a large consulting agency. You can also help businesses in your area if you work for a local consulting agency. 

General Management

For someone who is looking to move up in their current company, or to obtain a management role in a different company, a business administration degree will help you significantly. A member of a company’s general management team will be the person making policies, overseeing daily operations, and planning future projects.

The general management team has various functional areas where you can specialize in:

  • Marketing Manager: A marketing manager oversees all the marketing and advertising for a company. Whether this is social media management or television ad campaigns, this person will develop strategies for all areas of a company’s marketing efforts.
  • Human Resources Manager: This person handles all the hiring, firing, training, and policy changes for a company. They conduct all the human resources related activities, ensuring that a company complies with the law.
  • Finance Manager: The finance manager of a company is the one in charge of all the financial activities within a company. This person will make the budget, analyze costs, and decide where to cut costs or raise prices if necessary. 


There are various types of analyst career paths available with a business administration degree. These positions gather data to understand a certain area better. For example, analysts exist for finance to learn more about company spending habits, market research to learn more about customers, and sales to learn more about different sales strategies and techniques.

A degree in business administration will help you out with all the data and number crunching work that a career as an analyst requires.


As an accountant, you will focus on how to handle a company’s accounts and financial records best. Accountants also are in charge of filing the company’s taxes and making sure no areas are missed.

For people who pay great attention to detail and enjoy numbers and spreadsheets, this is a great career opportunity for you. Accountants work in all types of industries across the world. In addition to standard businesses, hospitals, schools, non-profits, and government agencies all need accountants. This career allows you to work in a wide variety of sectors and locations. 


The business administration degree remains a popular option for many reasons. Steady job growth, many opportunities, and the opportunity to work across industries are just some of these reasons. However, the most significant reason why the number of business administration degrees continues to rise is that businesses will always be around, and they will always need people with the right education to perform operations. 

You may have a specific interest or area you're hoping to explore as a career. If this is the case, look up some business administrative functions in that company or organization. I guarantee that no matter the industry, they will be looking for qualified people to handle complex business situations. 

The opportunities with a degree in business administration are limitless. Use this list as a guide to help find your best career fit in business administration. 

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