How to Utilize a Marketing Degree To The Best Of Your Ability this 2020

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With the digital age changing the way we advertise and learn about different companies, this ever-evolving field is looking for trained professionals to run their marketing operations.

There are so many job opportunities in the marketing field in the United States. If you're wondering what to do with a marketing degree, you'll be surprised at all the opportunities that exist. 

A degree in marketing can get you a job across all industries and a ton of different marketing sectors. Whether you're into number crunching and data or creating unique advertisements and logos, you can find a suitable career in marketing. A marketing degree can train you to be a manager, analyst, or executive in these functions.

What's even more exciting about marketing, is that it's used across sectors and industries. Whether it's a hospital, a non-profit, a startup, or a Fortune 500 company, all these businesses need marketing professionals to promote their mission. 

If you're asking what can you do with a marketing degree, follow along for some of the most popular options and degree types. 

Types of Marketing Degrees 

There are many degree options if you're looking into a career in marketing. From an Associate's to a Doctorate, there is so much flexibility in getting to your end goal. 

The quickest option for students who are looking to get into a career in marketing right away would be to get an Associate. This degree option is a solid choice for people who want to explore a career in marketing without fully committing to the financial and time strain of a four-year degree.

However, the most common degree types for marketing professionals are Bachelor's and Master's level degrees. Both degree types will prepare you for most types of careers in the marketing field. We're going to go through both of these degrees below, so you can determine which one aligns with your goals better. 

Bachelor Degree in Marketing 

A Bachelor of Marketing degree is a four-year degree to help students build a solid academic foundation to do well in the core areas of marketing and business. This degree will teach you essential business strategies but focus very heavily on how to utilize marketing strategies in a company.

A Bachelor of Marketing will also expose you to all types of areas of marketing. This includes brand management, advertising, social media marketing, and many more. This degree is a great starting point for college students who are looking to gain general knowledge about marketing. This degree is also sufficient enough to help you secure most entry-level and mid-level marketing positions in a company.

The Bachelor of Marketing degree is a great option for someone who is looking to get the basic skills needed to take on the marketing operations of a company. If you enjoy creating, working in teams, and monitoring your impact, the Bachelor of Marketing degree is a great place to start. 

Masters Degree in Marketing 

A Masters's degree in marketing will generally focus on two goals within the marketing function. These goals are to increase your leadership skills and capabilities. You will also increase your knowledge of marketing to make you an expert in the field. 

With a Masters's degree in marketing, you'll be able to concentrate on a certain area such as brand management, international marketing, or big data. Concentrating on one functional area will make you more of an expert in your particular field of marketing, rather than a generalist, like you would come with a Bachelor's degree. 

There are several different types of Masters degrees you can get to achieve your goal. The first option is a Master of Science (MS) of Marketing or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Marketing. The latter is much more common as it provides many more opportunities for executive leadership positions within a company. 

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What to Do With a Marketing Degree 

The options for what you can do with a career in marketing are limitless. A marketing degree will help you to gain expertise to do marketing for any type of company or organization you can imagine.

To help you understand the possible career paths for marketing degree holders, we've outlined some of the most popular career paths. Keep in mind that these jobs don't even scratch the surface of all the things you can do with a marketing degree. However, we thought this is a great place to get started for people who want to know how to utilize a marketing degree to the best of their abilities.

Below are some of the most common areas that marketing degree holders enter:


Advertising is the most common job you'd think of when it comes to a career in marketing. Advertising is everywhere; from billboards along the highway to television ads and radio commercials. The work of advertisers is extremely versatile in order to target all of these different markets.

A career in advertising is great for people who enjoy working on teams, as most advertising work is done as a group effort rather than as a solo expedition. Teams of advertisers come together to plan, design, and implement an advertising strategy for their company or their client. If you're a creative person and a natural-born leader, this is an excellent career path for you.

Social Media Marketing 

With the ever-expanding social media market, a career in social media marketing is a great way to learn about marketing techniques to appeal to a growing market. With a career in social media marketing, you'll learn how to gain web traffic, appeal to different types of social media users, and increase engagement. 

Social media strategists know how to implement their technology and spread their messages in short-form, on websites like Twitter, or visually, on platforms like Instagram or Facebook. The goal of social media strategy is to increase traffic and drive the number of people checking out your company's social media platform.

Many social media strategy positions are entry-level. If you have a love for social media and want to make it into a career, definitely check out this career path. 

Public Relations 

A career in public relations will allow you to manage how a company is perceived by managing what information does and does not reach the public. This career is different from advertising in that it generates exposure within a chosen audience rather than broadcasting information through streams like television or media that don't require payment.

Responsibilities of a public relations manager include writing news articles, managing press releases, arranging interviews, and acting as a spokesperson for the company. A career in public relations can be achieved by either a Bachelor's or a Master's degree in the field. In preparation for a career in public relations, you'll take classes on public speaking, communications, and crisis management. 

Market Research 

For people who love working with numbers and big data, a career in market research might be an interesting choice for you. A career in market research will teach you how to funnel customers towards a certain product or service that a company offers.

As a market researcher, you would work to gather customer data and information, monitor the performance of various products, and explore marketing opportunities for new or expanding products in a company. Most people in this field go on to become marketing managers or directors within their company if they receive a Master's degree. 

Brand Management

When you think of brands with millions of devoted fans, such as Apple, Nike, and Coca-Cola. When you think of one of the nation's leading brands, you can usually associate a logo, image, or phrase with that brand. This association is due to the work of brand managers who work tirelessly to cultivate the public's perception of a brand and make sure their brand stands out among the competition. 

Brand managers will develop, communicate, and manage the various aspects of a brand. This includes overseeing designs, advertisements, and market research campaigns. If you're someone who's always focused on the big picture, check out a career in brand management. 


We hope that our guide helped us figure out what you can do with a marketing degree. Regardless of what type of marketing you want to go into, the most important element of finding a marketing career you will excel in is to identify your own talents. Marketing degrees are very versatile and can help all different kinds of people do well in the various areas of marketing. 

By gaining a degree in marketing, we're confident you'll leave with the ability to succeed in the different areas of marketing and with the knowledge of how to properly market any business or organization. 

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