Three Small Business Success Stories to Make You Believe in the Impossible

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Last updated: 17 January 2020, 07:41 GMT

Small businesses are not only important to the growth of the economy, but their success speaks to the triumph of the American spirit and the capacity to achieve the American dream.

Even as giant conglomerate corporations dominate the marketplace, we are reminded to shop small.

People want to support small businesses. In fact, millions of Americans every day make a concentrated effort to support their local communities by supporting the small business that is a part of them.

Every small business represents a person or group who took a chance, who bet on themselves and who did everything they could to chase down a dream.

Their narratives make for great inspirational stories for work because they serve as important reminders of just what work can accomplish.

You put good work in, and you get good results out.

Three Business That Started Small and Hit It Big

Maybe you’re feeling a little down about your work situation or maybe you’re considering starting a small business of your own.

Either way, the great success of these three businesses will give you a little boost.

After all, success can belong to one small business today and to you or your small business tomorrow, so take heart.


Cofounders of the Bombas sock company, Randy Goldberg and David Heath, were inspired to create their business by the need for socks at homeless shelters. They set out to make an incredible sock and also solve a problem.

After learning that socks were in such high-demand at homeless shelters they wanted to do their best to help. Their first mission was to create a sock-like no other sock, and their second mission was to donate a pair for every pair purchased.

They were able to use crowdfunding to get their business off the ground, and an appearance on Shark Tank helped do the rest. They set out with a goal to donate one million pairs of socks, but they quickly surpassed that. To date, the company has donated well over five million pairs of socks to those in need.

Their entrepreneurial story is inspiring not only because it involved two people with a simple dream, but also because that dream has helped so many people in the community. They profit, their community profits, and their consumers get a superior product.

Promoted Recommendations

Ben and Jerry’s

Everybody knows that Ben and Jerry’s makes amazing ice cream, but do you have any idea how they got their start?

Turns out it was in a pretty small way.

In an interview with The Washington Post, the pair discussed how they both were unsuccessfully pursuing careers when they instead decided to take a correspondence course on making ice cream.

After taking the $5-course, they set up shop in an abandoned gas station and started churning out their signature fun flavors.

They are now arguably the biggest moguls in ice cream, and they got there because they followed their creativity and their passion. They scrambled together a small amount of money to make the initial investment and then put in their own time and effort to make it work.

That’s what starting small is all about. You start with what you like to do, and you find a way to share it with the world.


The gift and lifestyle company is all about being inspirational. Their calendars, pins, and clothing are splashed with bright colors and positive messages. Bando also collaborates with women artists and designers to create a community that pushes and inspires each other.

Founder Jen Gotch is also a kind of walking inspirational story.

Before founding Bando out of her living room, she was splitting her time between a handful of jobs and creative projects. She wanted to make pretty and fun things and so she took a chance. She started by making vintage hair accessories and took a big leap to turn her side-hustle into her very own full-fledged business.

She’s now a certifiable queen of Instagram and her company’s products are sold in boutiques and stores all around the world.

Jen took her personal passion for accessories, clothing, and vintage flair and turned it into a big business with a dedicated following. She started by simply making things that she liked and that she would like to give as gifts to the people she cared about. To be able to make things you like and have other people like them too is pretty incredible and inspirational.

Small Businesses Turn Passion into Profit

The common theme of these three small business success stories is passion and bravery.

It takes real courage to strike out on your own and create your own business. It often involves great financial as well as emotional risk.

There’s no guarantee of success and no safety net, but there’s all the more reason to give it one hundred percent, to go all in and do not look back.

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