‘Aquaman' shares his bubble bath moment to Instagram followers

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Dorothy Lac in Celebrity

30 January 2020, 03:56 GMT

Doing our everyday routine can easily weaken our momentum.

Waking up early, meeting deadlines, dealing with complicated circumstances and going home with exhausted body – really deserves some break to recover, right?

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Just like what ordinary people do, some of our famous personality also spends their break to do things which will make them feel stress-free and prepare for new challenges as an artist.

One of them is Jason Momoa, the actor from Game of Thrones and Aquaman.

Last Wednesday, Jason proudl'y posted two-videos on his Instagram account, sharing footage of himself while he enjoyed taking a bubble bath. Isn’t that nice?

The first video clip, captioned “Me like bubbles,” his followers saw how Aquaman enjoys bubble life in the tub.

As of this writing, the said video of Momoa has 2,518,116 views. With this, different reactions and comments from his fans overflowed saying:

"That’s what the real aqua man is doing when he’s “in the Ozean”

“Holy sweet jeebus. I’ve never been so jealous of a bubble”

“I feel like this audio would be perfect for a new Aquaman in Florida video”

While others can’t help to tag their friends to see Momoa’s pamper goals, and commented back with heart emojis and exclamation points.

In the second clip, the actor revealed his Bibliophile side when he hold a red thick book which seemed to be a romantic novel while playing In Front Of A Sunset, a classical music.

The man on the front cover looks exactly like Jason, who is beardy and with chin insulation.

It has 1,492,226 views. Likewise, his fans also given flooding comments saying:

“Is it a coincidence when the guy on the cover looks like the reader?”

“We will plant thirteen trees for every like we get on this comment! Every follower Let’s help repair the planet”

“You are killing me this week, you know that?! But I’ll gladly go knowing it was the best death: Death by Momoa!

"Just so you know, this is my favourite thing," commented one approving fan.

"I'm not sure what this advertised but I'll take 3," wrote another.

What are we waiting for? We deserve to be pampered, so let’s run ourselves a hot bath!


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