Big Celebrities Like Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Donated To Relief Organizations Amid Outbreak

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Last updated: 19 March 2020, 05:24 GMT

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively donated $1 million to two relief organizations to ensure some of the most vulnerable populations during the coronavirus pandemic can still access food.

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Reynolds said on his Twitter feed:

“I think we can all agree, Covid-19 is an a–hole, If you can help, visit,  and/or”

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The star also wrote:

"Covid-19 has brutally impacted older adults and low-income families. Blake and I are donating $1 million to be split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. If you can give, these orgs need our help."

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He added:

"Take care of your bodies and hearts. Leave room for joy. Call someone who's isolated and might need connection."

Feed America operates a network of food banks throughout the U.S. while Food Banks Canada does the same in Reynold’s native Canada.

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Dan Nisbet, vice president of Major Gifts at Feeding America, told Variety:

“We are so grateful for Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s extremely generous donation, and for all of the donations we’ve been receiving,”

He continued:

“The Feeding America network of 200 food banks is working tirelessly to aid and provide meal assistance to our most vulnerable neighbors — children, the elderly, families struggling with food insecurity and individuals facing job disruptions — throughout our nation during this unprecedented time. Generosity like theirs will make all the difference.”

Aside from Ryan and Blake, number of celebrities are also helping out for less fortunate during the outbreak.

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Lady Gaga this week announced 20 per cent of online profits from her cosmetics company, Haus Labs, would be given to local food banks in Los Angeles and New York City.

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens wrote on Instagram:

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"It's a crazy time out there in the world. School closures, job disruptions, lack of paid sick leave and the coronavirus' disproportionate impact on adults age 60 and older and low-income families are all contributing to the demands placed on food banks across the country.

She urged support:

"Join me in supporting @feedingamerica today. Let's help each other out rather than freaking the f*** out."

Justin Timberlake was making a donation to the Mid-South Food Bank in his hometown of Memphis. While other celebrities are giving away money to people who might need it for things other than groceries.

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Dierks Bentley, owner of Whiskey Row bar in Nashville planned to give $1,000 each of his 90 employees to 'help in the short run as our community and country try get a handle on the situation'.

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The Golden State Warriors ownership, players and coaches pledged to donate $1 million to a disaster relief fund benefitting Chase Center employees impacted by the loss of NBA games.

Versace's chief creative officer and her daughter Allegra Versace Beck have donated 200,000 euros to the intensive care department of San Raffaele hospital in Milan, Italy.


Meanwhile, many restaurants are offering free meals to those kids impacted by nationwide school closures.

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