Former Disney Channel Stars Reuniting In A Live Streaming Show 'Brightminded Live With Miley'

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Last updated: 17 March 2020, 03:51 GMT

Longtime friends and former Disney Channel stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato are gonna be teaming up for an Instagram live stream.

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Miley Cyrus revealed the amazing announcement on her Instagram on Monday.  The singer is hosting a daily Instagram Live series, titled 'Brightminded Live With Miley', where she and special guests discuss how to "bring light to a dark time."

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“I am totally freaking out and I think my fans and followers will be doing the same, 'Brightminded Live With Miley' just went to a whole new level.”

She goes on with the announcement,

"One of the most inspiring women that I have the honor of calling a friend for the last probably 15 years has made herself available to be on my InstaLive show tomorrow at 11.30 am PT which is going to be happening Monday through Friday."

She reveals,

"Y'all are literally going to freak out, Demi Lovato is going to be on my show tomorrow and we're going to be talking about ways she stays strong, optimistic and helpful exercises that she actively uses to be Brightminded.”

After concluding with,

"I am so excited for tomorrow,"

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Cyrus added an Instagram filter that read,

"name a better duo."

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The last teaming up between Cyrus and Lovato was in 2009 for Disney's "Send It On" anthem alongside Selena Gomez and the Jonas Brothers.

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Cyrus and Lovato, along with pop singer Selena Gomez, were three former Disney Channel stars for over a decade. They grew up being friends and collaborating with each other since the early beginnings, although there were many rumors that there was a feud between them but Miley cleared that during an interview on Capital FM last year "there was never any competition" between them growing up.

Lovato will feature on Cyrus' Instagram Live on Tuesday, March 17 at 11.30 am PT.

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