Kylie Jenner's personal experience on the helicopter and pilot Kobe Bryant was riding

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Last updated: 28 January 2020, 03:46 GMT

As the world pays tribute to basketball legend Kobe Bryant, 41, and other victims of helicopter that crashed in Calabasas, Caliornia this Sunday, Kylie Jenner shared her personal experience on it.

The makeup mogul, 22, told to her Instagram followers that she has flown on the same helicopter and that she knew the pilot Ara Zobayan, describing him "such a nice man."

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Jenner added that she rented the same helicopter last November for Dream's, her niece, third birthday party.

I still can't believe this. That was the helicopter I would fly on from time to time with that Pilot, Ara.

she recalls.

Jenner posted the picture of the victims with a message, "Rest in peace .. and prayers to these families.

Hold your loves ones close 

she continued.

Aside from Jenner, Victoria Beckham paid an emotional tribute to Bryants, saying: This tragic loss struck us hard as a family. Kobe Bryant was an incredible figure on and off the court, a friend to David and determined to inspire the next generation.The loss of a daughter and husband is unthinkable for any parent and wife.

David, myself and our family send all our love to Vanessa, the other girls and the families of those that were tragically lost with Kobe.

Victoria furthered.

Also, David, her husband, has paid tribute to Kobe, calling him a special athlete, husband, father and friend, he captioned on his Intagram post.

Davids message read:

Its taken me hours to work out what to write and still my words wont ever be enough to describe how I am feeling after the tragic loss of Kobe. This was one special athlete, husband, father and friend.

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Having to write these words is hard enough but also knowing we have lost an amazing human being and his beautiful and talented daughter Gianna is heartbreaking. The commitment Kobe showed to his sport was inspiring, to go through the pain and to finish a game off like only he could inspired me to try to be better.

Sometimes I would only go to games just to watch that clock go down to the last 2:00 minutes knowing that we were about to witness something special. Kobe always talked about Vanessa and his beautiful girls and how proud he was of them.

Kobes passion was his family and basketball. He was determined to inspire the next generation of boys and girls to embrace the sport that he loved. His legacy will live on. My familys love and prayers go out to Vanessa and the girls, to Kobes basketball family, and of course to the families of those who were tragically lost with him yesterday

he ended.

Kobe was with her daughter, Gianna Bryant, 13, and her basketball teammates Alyssa Altobelli and her parents Kerri and John, pilot Ara, Mamba Sports Academy basketball coach Christine Mauser and mother and daughter Sarah and Payton Chester when their private Sikorsky S-75 helicopter crashed. 

The chopper is reported to have had a fire break out on board before it crashed.

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