Madonna sued for showing up late to New York concerts

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Dorothy Lac in Celebrity

04 February 2020, 02:41 GMT

Cancelled and being late. These are the two worst case scenarios in every concert.

Nobody wants to wait long as our patience is being tested until we get mad, just like what happened to the fans of Madonna.

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It can be recalled last year in Brooklyn, veteran pop singer was set to perform as part of her 'Madame X' tour. However on September 21 and October 1, Madonna seemed to have had some difficulty to be on time.

Scheduled to start at 8:30 in the evening, the September show started at 11:30 in the evening while the October show started at 10:40 in the evening. The said shows ended around 1:00 in the morning, and some fans are extremely upset about it.

Because of this, Antonia Velotta of Queens and Andrew Panos of New Jersey are both suing Madonna and the concert promoter, Live Nation, for false advertisement and breach of contract. 

Moreover, they are also demanding a full refund to make up for their loss.

Though he enjoyed the show, Velotta, who was so inspired by Madonna's 1985 film 'Desperately Seeing Susan' that he moved to New York City, says, 

"She totally screwed her fans over." 

However, for Panos, who attended the show with his wife, claims they hated the whole experience and chose to leave early.

Based on reports, concert-goers were required to hand their phones over before the show, meaning most could not book their rides home until the show was over. 

To make matters worse, the air conditioners were shut off during the show.

Panos, who had to pay the couple's babysitter extra to watch their two children due to the show running so late, said of the experience, 

"There are artists who appreciate their fans and I think she just had no regard for anyone else."

This isn't the first instance of fans taking issue with the singer's treatment of them at concerts.

Madonna has already been sued for starting a Miami Beach concert late by another fan from Florida. 

And when fans, unable to deal with the heat due to the air conditioners being turned off, began chanting 'AC!' at the concert, she responded with

"F*** you, I'm cold. Take your f*cking clothes off!"

Fans are becoming increasingly angered by the singer's blatant disregard for their time or well being.


And if this goes on, Madonna is probably going to have several more lawsuits on her hands.

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