Spice Girls’ Sporty Shared About Regrets For Not Filming Their UK Tour Last Year As Things Were Difficult Behind The Scenes

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Last updated: 27 March 2020, 09:22 GMT

The Spice Girl members, Scary (Mel B), Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Sporty (Melanie C) and Baby (Emma Bunton) reunited in a 13 date UK tour- including three nights at Wembley, the SpiceWorld 2019 which ranked in £65million.

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Mel B says she’s yearning to get the Spice Girls back on the road again because last year was “too short”.

Mel said:

“I want it to happen again, like, tomorrow. I miss it. I really miss it. I loved being on tour.”

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“We’re doing everything in our power to do it again.”

She added:

"I think 13 shows was too short, even though we did not set out to do more than one. I hope we do more. It was beautiful. We were all knackered after every show as we put everything on the stage, for everyone to take home.”

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Mel C, also shared about her regrets for not filming the last year’s tour for a DVD.

She said:

“Things were difficult behind the scenes. We never got round to it, sadly. We were so focused on having an incredible show. It was complicated as we had new management. It was a crazy time. Basically, we didn't get our sh** together."

She added:

"We have some personal behind the scenes footage and would like to release that as time goes by. As for a big show, sadly that won’t happen and we are gutted. I regret that we did not do that.”

However, Victoria Beckham didn’t attend last year’s line up as Posh Spice declined the invitation.

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Sporty said:

“We would have loved Victoria to be part of it but respect her decision. We weren’t here in full. She was with us in spirit, I do believe.”

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London Olympics closing party in 2012 where the band last performed as the classic five.

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