What Kind of Relationship Did Kobe Bryant Build Towards His Eldest Daughter?

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Last updated: 25 February 2020, 04:56 GMT

Kobe Bryant lost his life alongside with her daughter, Gianna, and other seven people in a fatal helicopter crash on January 26. His and Gianna’s public memorial service took place on Monday, February 24 at the Staples Center.

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During the memorial, Vanessa gives her eulogy. She talked about Bryant’s relationship with his other three daughters, Natalia, Bianka and Capri. She shared Bryant’s dream for his eldest daughter, Natalia who is already 17-year-old, is to take over his company and how he had wanted them to travel the world together.

Vanessa shared:

“We talked about how we would be the fun grandparents to our daughters’ children. He would have been the coolest grandpa,”

She added:

“He shared a love of movies and breakdown of films with Natalia. He enjoyed renting out theaters and taking Natalia to watch the newest ‘Star Wars’ movie or ‘Harry Potter’ films. They would have movie marathons and he enjoyed every second of it. He loved the typical tearjerkers, too, and he loved watching ‘Stepmom’, ‘Steel Magnolias’, and ‘Little Woman’. He had a tender heart.”

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Natalia did not speak throughout the memorial and still has no public statement about her father’s death.

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Natalia was born in 2003, Bryant was at the peak of his career, and she just turned seventeen a week before the tragic chopper accident that took his father’s life. There are circulating rumors going around the internet falsely stated that she had died, or she committed suicide because of the death of her father.

On her seventeenth birthday, Bryant posted a photo on Instagram with a sweet caption:

“Happy Birthday my baby. I love you beyond measure. You will always be my little Principessa #17.”

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In an interview with Jet Magazine back in 2003, Bryant shared about being a father for the first time and being a husband. He shared:

“I’ve learned how to be patient. Patience and listening, you must have those relationship.”

He had also shared his doings when he was only at his house:

“Messing around with my wife and Natalia all day pretty much. Reading to her, watching TV, jumping her up and down. She follows and she smiles.”

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