8 Cute Wine Glass Craft Ideas You Can Make this 2020

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We all have them—the lone wine glass that doesn't match any of our others but just hangs out in the corner of the cabinet. You're too frugal or attached to it just to toss it, and donating one glass just means you're dooming it to the same fate in someone else's cabinet. You might even have two or three that don't belong. What can you do with them? We're going to show you how to make them 100% awesome with these wine glass crafts.

Wine Glasses Facts that You Should Know First

There could be a host of reasons you have wine glasses you don't know what to do with. Whatever the reason for your current overflow, there are wine glass crafts that can save them from the corner cabinet doom they seem destined to. We believe our wine glass crafts are so cute and awesome, you may go on the hunt for wine glasses you can use to get these cute ideas into your life—NOW.

Different Wine Glasses

We'll run through wine glass crafts you can use with pretty much any wine glass that's ever been made. Be on the lookout for this terminology as you're searching for glasses:

  • Standard red—these can be the tall and wide or medium height with what looks like a half-circle bowl
  • Standard white—shorter with smaller bowls, what a “classic” wine glass might look like
  • Flute—tall and skinny, used for champagne
  • Vintage champagne—these are short with shallow bowls for bubbly
  • Tumbler—stemless wine glasses

Any wine glass can be clear or colored, and they make some the plastic for outdoor drinking. Whatever you've got on hand, we've got wine glass crafts for it.

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Wine Glass Crafts

Pull out the wine glasses you want to transform and place them in front of you. You'll be amazed by how many ideas will strike you once you get the basics of crafting down. We'll let you know the supplies you'll need so you don't get stuck halfway through a craft and realize you don't have one important component.


If you're new to crafting or repurposing, we encourage you to look through our list for those that seem simple and for supplies you might already have. You'll see a theme throughout a lot of our crafts that highlight the use of certain “staple” craft supplies. If you find you've got a knack for crafting or just really enjoy it, consider picking up:

  • Mod Podge
  • A glue gun
  • Superglue
  • Scotch tape
  • Painter's tape
  • Paints in your favorite colors
  • Glitter paint you find pretty
  • Stencils
  • Glitter
  • Sharpies
  • Paintbrushes

You can see from our list that everyday materials can turn something ordinary into something unusual and beautiful. Always look for deals when you're buying supplies and check out dollar stores or discount stores before venturing into craft supply stores where you'll pay top dollar.

Let's get crafting!

1. Wine Glass Cupcake Holder

We thought we'd start out with the easiest of the wine glass crafts—all you need for this craft is a wine glass, a cupcake, and some colorful candy or cereal. It doesn't get easier than that. This is best suited for a shorter, small wine glass. Using a white wine glass is perfect.

Prepare your cupcakes like usual and be sure to use a paper liner. Fill a wine glass halfway with small colorful candy or round colorful cereal. Place the cupcake on top of the cereal or candy—that's it! You've done it! You can tie a pretty bow at the bottom of the stem in whatever color matches the festivities of the day.

Imagine how cute a dozen of these would be on your table.

2. Chalkboard Wine Glasses

These are all the rage, and that means you'll pay top dollar for them in a store. These glasses have a chalkboard at the bottom so you can write people's names on them with chalk to keep everyone's drinks straight. It's much cheaper to do it yourself and a lot easier than you think! You'll need:

  • As many glasses as you need for your party
  • Painter's tape
  • A thick piece of cardboard
  • Parchment paper
  • Chalkboard paint
  • A plastic container large enough for you to dip the base of your wine glasses in

First, put the piece of cardboard on your work surface—it's a disaster to get the paint on anything but the glasses. Next, put the painter's tape on the stem just as far up as you want the chalkboard effect to go. This will allow you to know when to stop dipping and all the glasses will be symmetrical.

Line much of the cardboard with parchment paper. Pour the chalkboard paint into the plastic container. One by one, dip the base of the glasses into the paint. Lightly scrape the excess paint dripping from the bottom. Carefully place each glass, right side up, on the parchment paper—it won't stick.

You will need to move them every 15-20 minutes so the paint doesn't build up on the bottom. Once you've dipped all the glasses, clean up the other side of the cardboard and put down a fresh piece of parchment. That way you always have a clean place to move the glasses. Once they're dry, they're ready to use! These should only be washed by hand.

3. Air Plant Planter

Air plant? Yes! Tillandsia is a species of plants that get most of their nutrients from the air, so their roots don't need fertilized soil. This is a great housewarming gift because these plants require less fuss than regular plants. You'll need:

  • A large red wine glass
  • Sand
  • A Tillandsia—do a search, they're easy to get
  • Small decorative pebbles, shells or figurines

This one is super simple. Pour sand in, filling the glass about halfway. Arrange your pebbles or shells towards the side of the glass so they can be seen and leave the center space for the air plant. Some people like to put mini figurines in these for fun. Place the air plant in the center.

When you give this as a gift, include a small instructional card. Depending on the size of the plant and the surrounding environment, it will only need to be soaked once a week for ten minutes or spritzed every so often. Just look up the care instructions for the plant you used and pass those along. What a fun gift!

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4. Votive or Tea Light Holder

Here's another easy one that doesn't even require you to commit your wine glasses to something long term. If you're hosting a large dinner party or just want fun, ambient lighting, give this a shot. You'll need:

  • Wine glasses, any size
  • Votive or tea light candles
  • Optional flowers, shells or other decorations for inside the bowl

This only requires flipping your wine glass upside down and putting a candle on the underside of the stem. You can get creative by flipping the glass over on a pretty flower, some sparkly tulle, or fairy lights. You can fill the glass with things like seashells, marbles or candy. Cover the top with cardboard, and when you flip it over, slide the cardboard out while holding the glass in place.

You can do tea light holders another way by filling your glasses, right side up, halfway with pebbles, colored stones, seashells or sand and nestling a tea light in each one. Tie a ribbon around the stem and you're done. Viola! You have the cutest candle holders ever.

5. Cake Stands

If you don't have a cake stand, need more than one, or just want something exciting, make your own! You get to control the height of your stand by the wine glass you choose. You'll need:

  • Your choice of a wine glass, but we recommend something sturdy—no flutes here
  • A plate—this can be clear or decorative
  • Porcelain or glass glue
  • Spray paint, glitter or other decorations—optional

This is so fun. If the plate is ornamental, you don't need any more decorations. If you want a pop of color, use glass spray paint on the wine glass first and let it completely dry. You can do the same thing with glitter spray paint or painted stencils.

Turn the wine glass upside down and center the plate by making an x after measuring it to find the center. Add the glass glue to the end of the glass stem, around the edges and in the middle of it's flat. Align the plate over the stem and carefully place it down on the glass when it's centered. Hold it in place for a few minutes or as long as the glue instructions say. You're done! These should only be washed by hand.

6. Crafty Christmas Trees

If you need a quick Christmas decoration or just want to switch things up this year, wine glasses are where it's at! You'll need:

  • Several wine glasses
  • Thick paper wide enough to roll into a cone in your preferred patterns
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Thick ribbon
  • Small felt pom-poms, ornaments or stars

Experiment with the paper, rolling it into different sized cones and placing them over your wine glasses until you have the height and width you want. Once you do, it's time to commit by gluing the seam of the cone. Glue strips of matching ribbon to the bottom of the cones to give them a defined edge.

The fun part is gluing a little pom-pom, ornament, or star on top of the cone. You now have easy-to-make and easy-to-move decorative Christmas trees. You can change the paper every year to freshen up your decorations without shelling out a lot of money, and your wine glasses go right back in your cabinet for New Year's.

7. Paint the Stems or the Bowls

This is a great way to personalize wine glasses for you and your family or the party regulars to make them feel special. You don't have to make these about individuals, though. If you're going through a pink and orange phase, you can do pink and orange swirls. Whatever strikes your fancy. You'll need:

  • Wine glasses—any shape, and as many as you'd like
  • Acrylic paint made for glass—potted or spray
  • Paintbrushes if using potted paint
  • Painter's tape
  • Stencils

Protect the surface you'll be working on with newspaper or cardboard. Decide what you'd like each glass to look like and experiment with designs using painter's tape, letter stickers, and stencils. When you can envision what each glass will look like and you're happy with it, start brushing away on your newspaper or go to a well-protected, well-ventilated area and spray away.

Allow the glasses to dry as specified on the paint instructions. Some paints require curing in the oven to make the paint more durable, so do that if the instructions encourage it. Your personalized and/or funky glasses will be the hit of your next party!

8. Thinking Outside the Box

You don't need to be a wizard at crafting to come up with some unique ways of using your old wine glasses. Here are some ideas:

  • Display Christmas candy in them instead of bowls
  • Use them around the party for holding nuts and party mix
  • Place them on the dinner table to hold breadsticks
  • Set your table with colorful napkins fanned out like flowers in the wine glasses

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Have Fun

Whatever wine glass crafts you choose, have fun with it! Don't worry about it being perfect. The number one reason people stop crafting is not getting it right the first time. Sometimes mistakes end up being the most unique and cool crafts you've ever done. The point is to be creative, artistic and thoughtful.

When people see your wine glass crafts, they'll be asking for tutorials on how to replicate what you've done. Sit back, have a glass of wine and let the compliments roll in.

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