A British Bulldog In West Sussex Is Spreading Love During Lockdown Through Delivering Homemade Food To His Neighbours

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Last updated: 03 April 2020, 12:23 GMT

Spreading the joy during lockdown, a dog in West Sussex owned by Kate Mitchell is delivering homemade food to their neighbours.

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Sheldon is a British Bulldog who turns two next week was feeling lonely due to self-isolation.

He used to associate with customers at Kate's hair and makeup studio in Worthing but since the UK was ordered to stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus, Sheldon's been missing out on all the attention.

Credit Image: ladbible.com

Kate, who owns Kate Mitchell Makeup Studio in Worthing, told LADbible:

"Sheldon is very used to coming into the studio with me every day and greeting our lovely staff and clients.

Kate decided earlier this week to make Sheldon do rounds with some cookies around their local community and neighbourhood.

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Credit Image: ladbible.com

"Since Sheldon and me have been social distancing and with my workplace being shut, I've really noticed Sheldon missing his usual interaction with people. So, we decided to bake and deliver homemade cookies to our local community and neighbours to cheer everyone up - plus give Sheldon that interaction he's been craving!"

Kate continued:

"The look on some of their faces was beautiful - Sheldon is a very popular and loved dog in the area anyway so people welcomed him in for a quick cuddle! I waited outside obviously. I even had one-person message me saying, 'thank you, that made my day'."

Kate said:

"Sheldon and me have been self-isolating alone due my other half being a key worker who works away from home. Honestly, he has made this time so far a breeze!”

She added:

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"He is always up for creating entertaining content for my clients and followers who miss seeing him but also is so loving and in tune with everything that is going on I am constantly at ease when he is next to me."

Credit Image: ladbible.com

She also plans to surprise her staff with some sweet treats and a visit from her four-legged assistant.

"Sheldon is an absolute character and loved by everyone. He has a very loyal and caring personality which is why he took this task very seriously and was a very good boy! When he is sat in my shop window (the waiting bench is his favourite spot) we have people who divert their walk home to just wave at him.

She ended:

"He guarantees to put a smile on everyone's faces!"

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