A New Mobile Game From HyperBread Is Launching That Will Keep You Addicted For Hours

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Last updated: 23 February 2020, 10:26 GMT


Who wouldn’t want to idle for a minute after a long busy day at work? Immersing yourself by scrolling out in social medias or play mobile games that won’t consume most of your time using your phone.

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A free game from HyperBeard introduced a therapeutic game “Adorable Home”, the new virtual reality mobile game, which hooked millions of people already. You can download this app in iPhone and Andoid.

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The game is indeed adorable, perfect for busy students and workers who have limited free time. You can choose your character and your partner’s whose gender not only limited to male selection. This game can be played with your reel-to-real life partner.

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Both you and your partner will move into your new cozy house, but when they goes to work, you stay behind with your little kitty, Snow. You use love as the currency to buy things in a shop or when you want to increase the number of your cats. You can receive more love from your partner and cats when you do better with your job.

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You can decorate your lounge and garden area or make interactions with your cats by feeding or stroking them, cutting the nails or taking them in a bath.

Adorable home was made not to spend hours playing, in fact, the game will just pop up in your notification every after few hours when your cats needs you or your partner came back from work.

You can look for some adorable home tips like these:

After doing your cat duty (shower, cutting nails, and stroking) you'll be asked to choose whether you choose 80 & 160, tap them both at the same time and you'll get 240”

“Buying cats, buying things, it helps a lot since more cats = more hearts to collect”

“If your lazy to watch ads, tap fastly and repeatedly the 80 and you'll get more than 80” @solxcutie


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“Precious cat babies Star-struck #AdorableHome”

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Some cats want to stay alone, so let them be.

New update, additional bedroom!

“OHHH MY GOSH! I’m loving the new #AdorableHome update!!! There’s night time now! You can catch fireflies now. Uwu. Loudly crying face ohhh and not to mention my most anticipated bedroom update! Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes I splurged immediately choosing items I know he will enjoy See-no-evil monkeySmiling face with heart-shaped eyes living the maximalist lifestyle” @tattxxdbluerose

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“15k love gone in one snap"

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“After I got my bae a special meal to celebrate our first night in the new bedroom, she left Pleading faceLoudly crying face I was the only one sleeping there Crying face babeeeeeeeeeBroken heart Thank god I still have my cats, the red bird and a husky Tired faceSparkling heart” @0urh0me

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HyperBeard already warns that it's not for children but actually for adults, and may contain "some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13".

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