College student received ‘D’ for ‘Tom and Jerry’ essay

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Last updated: 12 February 2020, 02:11 GMT

Some were angry and some found it incredibly amusing when an English teacher took to Twitter to share his confusion after a student wrote an assignment about the cartoon TV show Tom and Jerry, instead of the character Tom Buchanan from F. Scott Fitzgerald's seminal 1925 novel The Great Gatsby.

Alexis, a teacher based in New York, shared the essay with his followers.

"Teaching my first English course this semester has been rewarding but I don't know what to do with this student." he captioned.

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The paper is littered with red annotations from the teacher, and has been given a "D" grade.

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According to Alexis, he asked his students to write character analysis of Tom Buchanan, from Fitzgerald's book.

But, the student has analyzed the role of Tom, the house cat locked in a permanent struggle for supremacy with his mouse nemesis, Jerry.

The essay is titled "What Exactly Does Tom Want With Jerry?" and is about the two cartoon characters' relationship.


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It begins with:

"In the Looney Tunes cinematic universe, many of the cartoon nemeses have a very clear goal.

"Wild Coyote wants to eat the Roadrunner. Pepe Le Pue wants to impregnate Penelope. Elmer Fudd wants to shoot Bugs (and who doesn't?).

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"But it is unclear what if anything Tom wants to do with Jerry.

"Submitted for the approval of English 101, I propose that Tom actually has no interest in doing anything with Jerry, but instead fulfilling his class role as 'house cat'.

"Heathcliff, Top Cat, Garfield, Sylvester - these are all famous cats, most of them cartoon."

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Aside from wrong spelling and grammatical errors, student wrote the wrong subject matter.

And also, Tom and Jerry is a Hanna-Barbera cartoon, not Looney Tunes.

"This was supposed to be about Tom from The Great Gatsby! The book we are reading!" the teacher wrote.

While the tweet has so far racked up more than 122,000 retweets and 737,000 likes, it divided netizens with some suggesting it should've received a much higher grade.

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One person commented:

"This is already a million times more interesting than any possible further analysis of The Great Gatsby."

Another said:

"In my opinion this is actually a super bright student who felt bored by The Great Gatsby (don't we all). I love them."

For others, the teacher has been unethical for sharing the post at all.

One said:

"The writing is terrible but the fact you posted it online should get you fired."

Meanwhile, there are reports saying this is fake news.

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