Cool Things To 3D Print: Which One Will You Make First?

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Last updated: 16 January 2020, 05:54 GMT

Just bought your first 3D printer and looking for some cool things to 3D print? Relax and read on as we explain a few interesting things you can 3D print.

Back in the day, 2D printing was a cool thing, but thanks to technology, you can now print cool things with your 3D printer. Another fantastic thing is that these items actually work and are not only items to see and hang like a painting or portrait.

For example, some manufacturers now have templates for broken parts of machinery. With this, you can print and send back the model and have them manufacture the part on time. As long as you have the templates, you can 3D print anything you can imagine.

Below is a look at 3D printing and some cool things to 3D print in your free time.

What is 3D printing and How Does it Work?

3D printing also additive manufacturing involves using additives like plastic to create a physical item based on a three-dimensional model or template.

The process starts by creating a digital design in a 3D modeling program like CAD. Also, you can opt to use a 3D scanner. With the scanner, you get a copy of the object and place it in a 3D modeling program.

The design becomes a digital file that divides the model into multiple layers. The printer can interpret each layer and print it at a time. The layers blend in the process, which results in a 3D object that is similar to the digital model.

3D printing is entirely different from the methods used in traditional manufacturing because one can produce quite complex shapes and the good thing is that you don't have to use a lot of material.

Additive manufacturing is not similar to subtractive. Subtractive manufacturing involves the use of milling machines, for example, to cut out pieces of plastic or metal.

Why is There Need for 3D Printing?

Is there a need for 3D printing? Is it that important? The answer to these questions is a resounding yes! There is a need for 3D printing, and you would be surprised to learn that designers and engineers have used 3d printers for more than three decades. However, the versatile machines are now available to the public. 

Various factors made them quite famous overnight. One of these factors is that they had become increasingly accessible. Their ease of accessibility was due to their cheaper costs over the last few years. Most companies have come into the picture which made 3D printers fundamentally affordable.

The result was an increase in consumers who found the printers beneficial. They’ve been used in creative ways and even in different industries. The ability of 3D printers to transform consumerism has also made them very important. 

There is no doubt this technology is here to stay – it has been able to help people build and customize their goods, and a shift in the manufacturing sector took place.

Let's see some of the reasons why there is a need for 3D printing.

Fashion and Design Industry

The fashion and design industry is taking advantage of 3D printers to help them create impressive products. Interior designers have taken advantage of this technology and have been able to build plenty of home furniture like chairs and even tables.

The furniture produced through the help of 3D technology is entirely different from its counterparts. It's lighter with amazing designs. What’s more, their structure makes them quite sleek and durable. Other design products in 3D printing are lamps.

The examples of lamps include wall lights, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and table lamps. The fashion industry has also been able to produce jewelry and high heels.

Healthcare Industry

3D printers are quite versatile, which is why you can use them in various ways. The medical industry has been able to take advantage of this technology. Surgeons plan their operations using 3D printers. Through that, surgeons have been able to come up with more fabulous ideas and reduce the margin for error.

Medical students who are studying anatomy use printed models that have proven to be more cost-effective. They do not require cadavers to learn about the human body since a 3D model is enough to illustrate what they need to know.

3D printing has also enabled the development of prosthetic limbs, and this has made it possible for communities to be able to access the care at an affordable cost.

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Essential for DIY and Inventors

For Do It Yourself enthusiasts and inventors 3D printers can come in handy. Ideas can now transform into solid objects through 3D printers. When you consider the cost of manufacturing or building a product, it is quite expensive. However, 3D printers have come to bring a reasonable solution whereby inventors can create a prototype that is less costly and efficient.

Thanks to 3D printing, inventors can now design, print, and even test their products with low production quantity. Inventors can repeat the process for some time since it’s cheaper until their product proves to be a winner. That would be challenging with manufacturing since it would incur high costs.

Another advantage is the fact that you can do that from anywhere you are. Inventors and DIY enthusiasts can print their ideas from the comfort of their homes. Once you complete the print, you can share the opinion with friends and family, or even customers, to hear about their views.

Used for Personal Use

House projects are also using 3D technology to print out bookends, corner buffers, as well as doorstops. There are virtual objects and amazing images that you can create through digital design. Designers are now able to put their ideas into reality thanks to 3D printing.

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List of Cool Things to 3D Print

The creation of a 3D model begins in your computer and this is known as a Computer-Aided Design (CAD). You can either create a 3D model from scratch using software or use a 3D scanner to generate data.

Below are some cool things to 3D print you can try out and have fun while at it. 

A Sixpack carrier

The Sixpack carrier is an excellent 3D print you can try out. If you are enthusiastic about parties, then this will make your party live quite easier. The Sixpack carrier can come in handy when you have large amounts of alcohol that require you to transport them.

The V29 survival whistle 

If you are looking for an excellent object to help you make some noise when you're out at a game, then the survival whistle is a good choice. You can print out this 3D whistle from the comfort of your home.

Turbine faucet water saver

We’re not fully assuring you that the turbine faucet water saver can help you save water and reduce the bill, but it is quite essential. What it does is that it helps to disperse water effectively with a wide arc to help you clean fast and efficiently.

Earbud holder

The 3D earbud holder has also become popular especially among Apple device users. It helps to hold your headphones and ease you from all frustration of them having to tangle every time you carry them.

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The breakdown coat hanger

When you hang your clothes, it helps you to organize your house more efficiently. You can try to print out the 3D breakdown coat hanger which looks cool and is cost-friendly.

The plastic wrench

You might be surprised but, you need to know that 3D print tools go far and beyond. Most filaments are quite stiff which makes most printed tools strong and durable. You can try to print out the 3D plastic wrench and see how helpful it can be.


 If you're looking for something that can add a bit of green color to your desk, then the Plantygon is a good option. A 3D printer help to grow succulents.

Bottle opener

We all know how the bottle openers are quite remarkable. What if someone told you that you could print him or her right from the comfort of your home? That's right, thanks to a 3D printer, you can design and print out your bottle opener.

Cable holder

3D technology has also provided a solution to the annoying computer cables that are usually a pain in the neck when working. Thanks to additive technology, you can print out 3D cable holders to keep them away from harm.

Shark comb

A shark comb is also another 3D print tool you consider for your personal use. If you need a bigger comb for your hair, then the shark comb comes in the right average size.

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Final Thoughts

3D printing in industrial and personal use is bound to grow. With technological advances, additive manufacturing will be cheaper and faster. We hope our list of some of the cool things to 3D print will motivate you to experiment with a few at home. Remember that if you can imagine it, you can 3D print it.

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