Discover Some Of The World's Exceptional Libraries That Is Haven To Every Bibliophile

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Last updated: 03 March 2020, 08:03 GMT

There are plenty of breathtaking natural wonders like Grand Canyon, or the vivid colors of Northern lights, or the astonishing Victoria Falls.

But in some point, there are also amazing views in every city around the world that might take your breath away, the thousands of books in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, incredible architectures and beautiful painted high ceilings.

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Take a look at some of the world's most remarkable libraries that surely be a haven to any bookworms out there.

Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The library was constructed in a neo-manueline style with a limestone exterior, dark wood arches, stained glass windows and a floor-to-ceiling wooden bookcases filled with the largest collection of 350,000 volumes to choose from both national and foreign books. The library was decorated with the statues of Pedro Alvares Cabral, Luis de Camoes, Infante D. Henrique and Vasco da Gama, four Portuguese explorers of the past.

Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de la Sorbonne, Paris


It is now one of the largest libraries in Paris. There were three million volumes of different subjects available, from history, geography, philosophy to French literature.

Book Mountain, Netherlands

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Over 70,000 books were organized in the form of mountain under a pyramid shaped glass, the library is located in Spijkenisse, Netherlands.

George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland

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The public of Baltimore is free to use the over 300,000 books including collection that dates back to 1857 even though the library is technically part of Johns Hopkins University.

Starfield Library, South Korea

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This library is located inside a mall, the COEX Mall in Seoul, which has an impressive floor-to-ceiling shelves that host around 50,000 of books and magazine in digital and in print.

The Library of El Escorial, Spain

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This library is an UNESCO World Heritage site dates back to the 16th century, located in San Lorenzo de El Escorial. It offers up to thousands of books and manuscripts around philosophy, as well as ornate globes, maps and scientific instruments.

Trinity College Library, Dublin

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The classic library is the largest in Ireland, with an impressive collection of over seven million volumes including some of the library's oldest titles such as "The Book of Kells," "The Book of Durrow" and "The Book of Howth."

Stuttgart's City Library, Germany

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This cube-like library has bright, pristine white shelves and walls make it seem like a modern art gallery. Its reading room is the most interesting feature, which is shaped like an upside-down pyramid.

National Library of Prague, Czech Republic

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The real highlight for visitors is the Baroque Library, a part of the Jesuit university based in Klementinum. The breathtaking architecture with painted ceilings, houses over 20,000 volumes of mostly foreign theological literature.

Admont Library, Austria

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The world largest Abbey library attached to the oldest remaining monastery in Styria, it contains ancient manuscripts, ancient church, medical and scientific literature. The airy white and gold interiors are decorated with beautiful frescoes by the two artists of the Baroque period, Bartolomeo Altomonte and sculptured by Joseph Stammel.

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