Hairdressers Said That Straight Haircut Is Impossible To Achieve By Yourself

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Last updated: 25 March 2020, 12:20 GMT

We are now struggling to make a daily living due to Coronavirus outbreak crisis. Some of us may facing the same worry: how are we going to get a haircut?

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Experts in hairdressing have put together a handy little guide on how to give our hair a quick snip, read below.

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Celebrity hairstylist, Jamie Stevens, told

"If you need to take a bit of weight out of a fringe, use a point cutting technique, this is where you hold the scissors vertically and snip into the ends.

He advised:

"Don't try and cut horizontally across your fringe, and avoid any style that requires blunt or straight lines. Be aware that if you pull hair taught and cut it, it will jump back up, especially if you've pulled it tight over your ears."

Speaking about split ends, he continued:

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"If you're just trying to keep split ends at bay on longish hair then keep it soft – we call it 'dusting' when we just remove the very ends to keep it healthy without taking off length.

He added:

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"Part hair down the centre and push the lengths equally over each both shoulders, then pull the length of the hair on one side straight between two fingers with good tension (but don’t pull it at an angle) and snip with the point of the scissors into the ends. Keep the head straight, then do the other side and check they match."

Meanwhile, the best time to cut our hair is when it’s wet, said Ana Gomes, hairstylist from Blush and Blow London.

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She explained:

"Section the hair in a middle parting from the hairline to the nape of the neck. Comb all the hair forward so it sits above the chest, tightly flatten the hair between your middle and index finger stop at your desired length and cut in a straight line.”

She added:

"Follow the same method on the other side, this should give you a slightly rounded one-length haircut."

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But she advised that cutting the hair in straight cut alone is impossible,

"Ideally I would not recommend anyone to cut their hair themselves as it is impossible to achieve a completely straight haircut, due to the moving involved."

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