4 Amazing Self-Massage For Lower Back Pain Techniques

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Our human body is mainly designed to stand, walk and to be active. Nevertheless, many of us have to sit for a long period of time. And this may lead to a significant increase in the tightness of the hip flexor. Generally, we usually take medicine right after we feel the pain.

However, this will cause more damage to your body than you think. In fact, most of the pain and muscle tension caused by sitting for a long time are possibly fixable. All you need to know is the suitable techniques and exercises.

Trigger Point Technique of How to Massage Your Own Back

Do you want to find out how to massage your own back? Well, by means of repeating muscular contractions, you can improve the spots and adhesions of your muscle tension, which are also known as the trigger points. You may release your tension by means of vitally giving yourself deep tissue massages called “self-myofascial release”.

This method is done with tools like foam rollers, lacrosse balls or tennis balls. For your self-massage, you can apply direct pressure to the painful area by moving down and up your muscles until you can find out your trigger points.

The release of your trigger points will help you restore optimal length and reduce pain as well. It also prevents your shortened muscles from overly pulling on the lower back, as well as reduces the pain that you are suffering.

The First Method

  1. Lie down and let your face down on a flat surface
  2. Keep the elbows bent to support your weight

The Second Method

  1. Put a ball on your hip flexor muscles.
  2. When you find out a suitable tender spot, then hold this pressure for thirty seconds and slowly and deeply breathe until you feel better.
  3. Massage the pain area by moving your ball down and up for sixty seconds
  4. Move your ball 1-inch to the other side in order to find another tender spot, and then repeat the first 2 steps.
  5. You can use the tennis ball for the mild pressure
  6. If you need a deeper tissue massage, you should use the lacrosse ball
  7. Do this exercise from 3 to 4 times a week.

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Lower Back Technique

Your lower back may be a hard area to do the self-massage; however, it is actually possible.

You can let your back lying on the flat surface and your legs should be straight out. Then, put a tennis ball right after the meeting point of your spine and pelvis.

Don’t directly put a tennis ball on the spine.

You can roll horizontally on your ball out toward the hip and back, and then repeat this for a few times.

You can roll vertically on your ball from the rib cage up to the pelvis and back, and then repeat this for a few times.

You should repeat those steps at try to start with a tennis ball in the corner, in which your spine and pelvis meet right on the right side of the spine.

Tennis Ball Technique

You can use tennis balls as an inexpensive and easy way to massage yourself. In general, to do that technique, you must first put 2 tennis balls in your sock, and then carefully tie off the end of it.

Next, lie down on a flat surface on your back and put those tennis balls under your lower back. You can begin with the bottom of your back and what you need to do next is roll around on these balls.

Rock your hips slowly back and forth and shift your body gradually to permit the balls to move upwards so that they can hit all of the areas of your back.

On the other hand, you had better spend more time applying more pressure to your particular stiff or painful area. This tennis balls technique can be performed by standing against the wall as well.

Handheld Massage Tools

Some certain areas of your back can be quite difficult to reach. Consequently, this makes the self-massage become impossible without the help of a handheld tool. There’re a lot of wonderful tools, which help you with your self-massage.

For example, there are inexpensive tools, which include the long-handled wands, for helping you in reaching the middle of your back. There are also tools, which are made up of rows of the rollers. Another tool is a handheld massager, which offers gentle heat and vibration. It is very simple to process the best handheld massager. You just come online, click and it will be delivered to your home.

Advantages of the Massage Therapy

Many studies from the American Massage Therapy Association have proven that massage therapy offers serval vital health advantages, consisting of:

  1. Improving the blood circulation: by massaging, the blood flow is improved and thus, it will help recover the muscle soreness and pain from your daily physical activities.
  2. Relaxing muscles and improving a wide range of motion: it has been proved that the relaxation of your muscles will help with treating Insomnia.
  3. Increasing the level of endorphin: the increase in your endorphin level is, in fact, one of the best advantages that massage therapy offers you. Endorphins are chemicals, which your body produces to help you feel good. Thanks to this, this chemical is very beneficial and efficient in dealing with chronic pain.

There would be no reasons for you to suffer from the aching back muscles at all because doing the self-massage is so economical and simple as well. In order to improve your experience of massage, you should consider adding essential oils and carriers to your chosen massage technique.

We believe that with the self-massage for the lower back, it will improve the quality of your life. We also hope that you are now ready to change your boring life. Through this post of self-massage for lower back pain, you can now choose the best option, which suits you best. We wish you a happy and healthy life!


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