How to Do a Herbal Cleanse for a Healthier Tummy this 2020

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Last updated: 17 January 2020, 08:30 GMT

Cleansing and detoxing are now common words you hear in households.

With the known benefits of fruits and vegetables, juice cleanses are all the rage – but herbal cleanses can do a lot for you as well.

There's not a whole lot of difference between these two types of cleanses since they both allow you to drink healthy concoctions that flush toxins and waste from your body.

What Is an Herbal Cleanse?

Herbal cleanses use herbal products to help flush out the colon, clearing the body of toxins and food waste.

It's a natural way of detoxifying the body. You will actually hear the words detox and cleanse used to describe the same thing often.

Detoxing isn't something you only do if you have a drug problem.

Why People Do Herbal Cleanses and Detoxes

People use cleanses and detoxes to help clear the waste from their bodies. There is food residue, rotten food (yuck), and toxin from food and the environment in your system. There's no way to avoid them, but you don't have to live with them in your body.

By using an herbal cleanse you gently push out those toxins (although it may not feel gentle when they are being emitted from your body). These leave you with a clean system in which to start off healthy (meaning after a cleanse it's smart to start eating better and stop bad habits like drinking and smoking).

When you're having stomach or bowel issues, suffering from headaches, or just generally feeling under the weather more often than not, it could be a build-up of toxins in your system.

It is at this point in your health where most people will do a cleanse – and they tend to do them a couple of times a year. Some people even drink detox tea for weight loss. It's a great way to flush fats and start fresh through body cleansing.

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Herbs for Your Herbal Cleanse

There are many cleansing herbs that can help with your cleansing program. You definitely want to do a little research on any herbs you're considering, as you want to make sure they are safe.

Here are some herbs that can aid you in cleansing your body of toxins and get back to a healthier beginning when it comes to overall health and wellness.

1. Psyllium Husks

Psyllium husks are from a plant in India, and the husks themselves offer health benefits. They have a laxative effect, making them ideal for cleanses.

When the husks are placed in water to soften they tend to swell up – within the intestines this allows them to encourage contractions that help the digestive function work more optimally.

Another health benefit of these husks is that they seem to help lower cholesterol.

2. Flaxseed

Flaxseed is rich in healthy fats. Flaxseed also works as a source of fiber, which allows it to have a laxative effect on the body. That's why it's often an important ingredient in cleansers.

3. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is normally only considered a weed, but it has health benefits (as do many other “weeds,” like dandelions). Milk thistle is recognized by its pretty purple thistle flower.

It's an extract taken from the milk thistle that is used when it comes to healing through cleansing. That extract is shown to help remove toxins from the liver while protecting this important organ. It also helps the liver form new cells.

4. Ginger Root

This herb also called a rhizome, is used in matters of stomach upset and distress. It will help keep your tummy at ease while flushing out toxins, so it's an important addition to herbal cleanses.

In cleansing or in everyday life, you can use ginger to help ease nausea and diarrhea. It can help with stomach cramps, and it may even help with heartburn. It also helps expel gas, so take it anytime you feel a buildup.

5. Buckthorn Bark

Alder buckthorn produces the buckthorn bark that is used in herbal remedies. The bark of this plant is aged or heated before being used to make medicine, or to become an ingredient in an herbal cleanse.

Buckthorn bark is used as a laxative, and it helps with the treatment of cancer. It stimulates the secretion of mucus in the intestines, which aids in removing built-up waste in the body. That build-up waste could be causing your stomach distress, including gas and bloating, as well as diarrhea or even constipation.

6. Chamomile

It's likely that the most common place you've seen chamomile is in tea. Chamomile’s health benefits include helping you relieve anxiety and helping you get to sleep at night. It's also settling to an upset stomach.

Because it has positive effects on the gastrointestinal area, it's an excellent addition to your cleansing program. It adds another soothing herb to the mix that will help you ease through the cleansing process.

It's soothing and relaxing internally, so when you are expelling some of the toxins you may have a little less pain in your nether regions and in your insides as well (sometimes cleansing can cause mild cramps and other discomforts.

Are You ready for a Cleanse?


If you're feeling sluggish, it's a sure sign that it may be time for a cleanse. You can invest in a premade cleanse at home using some of the herbs above. 

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