Cheap and Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard this 2020

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Last updated: 16 January 2020, 07:41 GMT

If you are looking to add some fun to your yard this summer, or want to spruce things up a bit. Then there's a lot you can do without having to spend a fortune. Frequently, the best additions to your yard can be found at garage sales, thrift stores, and other places you may not expect to see cute stuff. 

As you look at your yard, consider our list of cheap landscaping ideas to find changes you can make to your landscaping, and how to make a significant impact without spending a lot of time. If your yard is already in pretty good shape, consider a few decor items to make sure specific elements pop.

Little Changes, Big Impact, Cheap Landscaping Ideas

When making landscaping changes to your yard keep in mind that less is more. The last thing you want to do is clutter up your yard with several Knick knacks and objects that don’t flow together or create a cohesive space.

If needed, remove any objects that are blocking your space. Or separating it into segments that are too cramped. Remove any other clutter and objects that you aren’t attached to. And decide which part of your yard should be the focal point.

Once you have decided on the focal point for your yard, it's important to figure out simple ways that you can embellish it and build it out without making it look overly busy. You’ll also want to select additions that require little to no maintenance and will last at least several years.

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Refurbished Items

Bathtub and sink planters are very trendy right now. But if you’re not into having plumbing in your yard, don’t worry. Other containers commonly found at recycle centers and garage sales can make great landscaping additions that should only require a wash and a coat of paint.

Industrial containers have been popular for some time, and feeding troughs are another relatively inexpensive option. You may also find that whiskey barrels can be acquired in your area inexpensively. And make sure to check out thrift stores for various containers that could become planters.

The great thing about refurbishing items is that they are cheap and don't require much to look good in your landscaping. Picking a size and style that fits your yard can add visual interest in the form of unusual objects overflowing with beautiful plant life.


Lighting can be an easy thing to implement outside, and it doesn’t always have to be the kind of illumination that plugs into an outlet. Many string lights available for outdoor use come with a small solar panel. That allows a battery to be charged during the day so that the views can be enjoyed during the night.

These light strands typically come with a sensor that turns them on when it gets dark. And turns them off when its light again. Fancier versions also come with a timer that can be set to turn on the lights for a certain number of hours after dark.

Lighting can be freestanding in the form of pendants or staked into the ground. Lights can mean bulbs, or candles, depending on how hands-on you want to be. And when placed correctly even a few will change a space for the better.

Light strands wrapped around trees is also a very trendy idea. And has been popular in the wedding circuit for quite a while. Regular outdoor Christmas lights can often be purchased at a steep discount after the holiday. It can also be wrapped around plant life in your yard to create romantic lighting. And an ethereal feel to your yard.

Most commonly you will see more massive trees wrapped in lights, and while this may be time-consuming, it can be well worth it for the result. There are also lights that come in a blanket shape. That can also be used to decorate flat objects such as walls, bushes, or fencing.

Dress Up Your Windows

Planter boxes under the window may feel like an outdated concept to some.

However, there are innovative new designs that have given it a modern retro twist. You can find planter boxes in different finishes stocked at many local stores. And other re-purposed items may work as well.

Containers commonly used on farms to feed various animals have risen in popularity. As people utilize them as planters for both the ground and under their windows. Planter boxes under the windows are referred to as "bloom boxes."

And these are a great place to plant annuals and flower seeds that you’d like to be able to see from inside.

Paint your planters to match your current color scheme or use a contrasting color to add a bit of flare. Either way, the look of flowers will make your space feel much lusher. Planter boxes do not need to be large, and you may want to start with smaller ones. Since they will likely need regular watering.

Adding Borders

Some landscaping can benefit from there being clear borders that line the beds. And also define where the grass stops, and the garden begins. Boundaries can create this unique outlining effect that can add visual flow to your yard. Through the use of wavy lines and curved edges.

Avoid borders that are too boxy or wide as these can be seen as constricting and uninviting. Using the right color and finish for the edge can also help add a layer of texture. That helps to highlight the natural beauty of the plants near it.

Borders also do a great job of making landscaping look cleaner, and landscaping bricks are typically less than $1 each. For many yards, adding garden borders can be a cheap way to add some sophistication to a yard. And should only take a weekend to install fully.

Stone is not the only material suitable for barriers, although it is prevalent. Plastics, wood, and other gardening materials can also be appropriate borders. As long as they create clean edges and an overall tidy look.

Adding Edible Elements

One of the best ways to improve your landscaping is to add edible plants to your yard. And in specific places where they can be most enjoyed. Many plants that produce food don't need much care. And also can be grown both in the ground or in a planter.

Several varieties of fruiting bushes such as blueberry and currant can be grown happily in planters. And provide new foliage during the season. Strawberries are another popular choice. And can be planted in a wide variety of innovative planters. To keep the animals away and maximize your harvest.

Other plants may work best in the ground, such as ornamental kale which comes in multiple colors. And can quickly grow from seed in many areas. It comes in green, white, and purple, and is also a cold-hardy choice that is edible when needed.

Store your Hose

If you haven’t found a way to store your hose out of sight. Then it might be a great way to improve your landscaping subtly. Many hose holders not only keep unsightly hoses out of sight and provide easy access to gardeners; they also double as planters.

You can also purchase hose holders. Or build them relatively efficiently and with minimal tools. If you have a saw, hammer, and some nails. Then it is likely you could make a hose holder out of wood you can purchase at your local hardware store.

If you have access to pallets, you can reclaim the wood and use it to make a hose holder. Which can either be finished or left to patina in its unique way? Many hose holders use very little hardware, and typically are very boxy in shape.

Add Stepping Stones

If your paths are currently just dirt or lined with mulch, consider adding some well-placed stepping stones. Stepping stones can keep trails from being worn into your grass. And can also help to break up a vast chunk of green space that would be otherwise less interesting.

There are also many different materials that you can use to fill in between the stepping stones. To create your unique look. There are a variety of ground cover plants that remain quite short, and you can also use mulch or gravel.

Stepping stones can be placed on their own. Or with a border to either side to define the space further. Many people find that flowering ground cover and simple stepping stones create a beautiful and whimsical path. That is both cheap and easy to install.

When picking out your stepping stones, be sure to choose ones that are large enough for your space. And that also fits with your decor. Some stepping stones are made from concrete. While others are made from synthetic or natural stone materials.

Decorative stepping stones are available at your local garden center, and you can also make them yourself. Several tutorials are available online. And the materials needed are typically very few. Which keeps this project cheap while making a significant impact on your space.

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