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No pretty face is complete without the beautiful glow given by the right bronzer. The perfect finishing touch to any look, it leaves you looking like you have been basking in the Tuscan sun all year round.

The real challenge lays in knowing how to apply bronzer properly to enhance your features without looking like a sun-dried tomato. 

The Origins of Bronzer

Although bronzers have been around for the past 30 years, they have become increasingly popular with the birth of the social media craze. With millions of makeup artists and other professionals posting makeup tutorials on Facebook and Instagram daily, it is now possible for women all over the world to learn how to apply bronzer without having to leave their house.

The Purpose of Bronzer

Bronzer can give you the sun-kissed tan you desire regardless of the season. It can enhance your features and provide you with a natural-looking glow. Bronzer can also help reduce the appearance of unequal skin pigmentation and hide blemishes. It will also play down dull or tired skin without the need for too much makeup.

What You Need

To achieve the sun-kissed look you have been dreaming of you will need the following:

  • Bronzer in the shade that matches your skin tone
  • Round-head blending brushes
  • Translucent powder
  • Setting Spray

How It Works

The bronzer contains an active ingredient called DHA which produces a natural glow without the orange color you get by going to the tanning salon or using self-tanning lotions. It is a simple, more convenient alternative to artificial tanning, especially for those who do not have time to sunbathe or visit the tanning beds.

Benefits of Bronzer

Bronzer is a healthier alternative to sunbathing and tanning salons. Free of the dangers of UV rays exposure, it is a safe and simple option for those looking for the golden glow. By using a bronzer, you have the added benefit of controlling the shade you desire.

Using a bronzer will give you radiant skin by darkening certain spots of your face without overshadowing them. It will enhance your features while covering up imperfections. Using the right bronzer in your makeup routine will make you look healthy and rested. We can also use it to hide features such as a wide nose and square chin.

How To Apply Bronzer For A Sun-kissed Look Year-Round

You do not have to be a famous MUA to know how to apply bronzer. Anyone can do it as long as they follow a few simple steps. Here we have put together the best tips for creating a flawless look every single time.

Prep Your Face

The first step in getting that perfect glow is having a clean face. Choose a cleanser that works best for your skin type and lather with warm water. Use your fingers to scrub your face in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Moisture your skin using a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect against UV rays. Choose a lightweight moisturizer and apply eye cream. Properly moisturizing your face before applying makeup is key to getting a flawless look.

Use a primer on your face to hide imperfections, fill in gaps, and hide blemishes. This will help the rest of your makeup go on flawlessly and stay on for longer. The primer will also help your foundation look fresh, and you won't have to use as much.

Apply concealer to create an even base. Dab under eyes in the shape of an upside-down triangle. Apply evenly using tapping motions rather than rubbing into the skin. Choose a concealer that blends well with your skin tone. Add setting powder to the concealer to prevent flaking.

Create a flawless canvas by applying a liquid foundation. Use an egg-shaped sponge to create a streak-free look. Apply thoroughly all over your face by starting in the middle of your face from your nose onto your hairline. Finish with a touch of blush. Make sure the blush is the right shade and don't overdo it, or you will end up looking like the Bride of Chucky.

Find the Right Bronzer

The most common mistake women make in applying bronzer is using a shade that is too dark for their skin tone. To know how to apply bronzer, you must first use the right bronzer for you. Pick a shade that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone.

Hold up the compact next to your face when shopping for a bronzer to ensure you pick the right shade. When possible, shop from a store that allows you to try on the product before buying. Try a small amount on your wrist and make sure it gives a warmer skin tone without making you look orange. Steer away from shimmery bronzers and choose a matte or satin shade to prevent an unnatural look just in case you sweat.

Follow these guidelines when choosing the shade of your bronzer:

  1. The honey tone for fair skin
  2. Rose or gold-tone for medium complexion
  3. Amber or copper tone for dark skin

Use the Right Brush

You can know all the tricks of how to apply bronzer and still fail if you don't use the right utensils. Choosing the right brush is crucial is getting the perfect glow. Refrain from using brushes that will leave streaks or make your bronzer look blotchy. Stay away from small bristle brushes. Opt for a large, round-headed blending brush instead or a fan brush for a softer look.

Start With Your Forehead

Dab the brush gently into the bronzer and tap off excess powder. Start at the top of your forehead and move down slowly to the side of your face, down to the middle of your cheek and down to the middle of your jawline. This motion will create the shape of the number 3 on the side of your face.

Gently sweep the brush in circular motions over the shape to blend. Repeat the process on the other side of your face. Sweep in a circular motion down jawline onto your neck for a flawless blend.

Chisel Your Cheeks

If you want to know how to apply bronzer to your cheeks, keep one thing in mind; smile. Smile or make a fish face and lightly apply bronzer in a circular motion in the hollow of your cheekbones. Avoid using too much bronzer to prevent an unnatural look. You do not want to go for a contoured look that will make you look gaunt.

Enhance Your Jawline

Add definition to your face by sweeping bronzer over your jawline. Blend down to your neck for a more natural appearance. Avoid using too much bronzer on the jawline, or you might start looking like an overly baked Cheeto. Or some Real Housewife of Orange County that stuck her face in a baking oven and forgot to come out.

Final Dusting of Your Face

Apply a light amount of bronzer to the higher points of your face to create the perfect bronzed look. Lightly sweep bronzer or the bridge of your nose and tip of your chin. Blend off excess bronzer by using a clean brush to go over all the areas of the face you have bronzed. Pay close attention to the neck area to avoid an excessive final look.

Finish the Look

Use a translucent powder to eliminate lines. Brush lightly over your face to control shine and create an impeccably finished look. Use a setting spray to lock in the makeup and avoid smudging, creasing, and other unpleasant incidents. This will keep you looking your best all day or night.

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What Not To Do

  1. Do not use a bronzer that is too dark for your skin tone. Use the rule of 2 and choose a shade that is a maximum of 2 shades darker than the tone of your skin. Using a bronzer that is too dark for your skin will have your face looking muddy.
  2. Do not cake your brush with bronzer. Excess bronzer is a recipe for disaster. Remember that in this case, less is more.
  3. Don't overly sculpt with bronzer if you don't want to look like the bride of Frankenstein. You don't want to end up with a gaunt look unless it's Halloween and that's the look you are going for.
  4. Do not rush when applying bronzer. Good things take time, and such is the case with bronzer. One little mistake and you have to wash your face and start over.


Following these tips on how to apply bronzer will ensure success every time you want to go for the golden glow. Now that you know how to turn yourself into a bronzed beauty, there is nothing standing in the way of your sun-kissed perfection. Armor yourself with the right utensils and make bronzer a must-have in your makeup bag. Get your glow on, girl!

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