Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything (Valentine's Day 2020)

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Last updated: 09 January 2020, 08:50 GMT

“Oh, I don't want anything!” When was the last time you heard that from a man who already has everything he could possibly need?

With the material abundance our society enjoys, it can become difficult to find gifts; but a small, unique present can really brighten up someone's day. It's practically a social obligation on certain holidays, especially this Valentine's Day 2020. 

Practical and Consumable: The Key to Buying Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

When you're trying to come up with gifts for men who have everything, it's good to focus on practical products that make life slightly more convenient or that allow your friend to enjoy an activity. For example, a good light can come in handy on many different occasions. You'll also want to lean towards consumable products that will eventually run out. Once he uses it all, you can simply buy him some more on the next gift-giving occasion and you don't have to spend a lot of time thinking of another present!

10 Gift Ideas

1) Beard Oil

Beards are in style these days, but few men take good care of them. If your buddy has scraggly facial hair, then getting him a beard maintenance kit—including beard oil—might be exactly the sort of thing he was looking for. Beard oil helps make the beard softer and also has the added bonus of working as a kind of cologne.

Go for a brand that makes natural and organic beard oil and avoid any known allergens. You might also want to throw in a specialized beard comb so that he can better apply the oil; wood is probably the best material for this. Sometimes you can find kits that have entire beard maintenance solutions. Think of it as the male equivalent of the classic perfume kit for women.

2) Back Shaver

Speaking of hair, beards aren't the only type of body hair that needs to be maintained every once in a while. A lot of guys have a forest of back hair that is hard for them to reach, and they may have given up trying to manscape with normal razors.

A specialized back trimmer is one of those perfect gifts for men who have everything, or just for those who are a little on the hairy side. They come in different styles—some work like giant razors with long handles, and some work like clippers with long extensions—but either way, his girlfriend will thank you. If you get the razor kind, you might want to include a nice container of classic shaving cream.

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3) Deck of Cards

This may seem like a cheap present because most people buy their cards at convenience stores, but actually a deck of cards can be a work of art. There are high-end decks worthy of collectors and some that are handmade by artisans.

If your friend really likes playing card games, consider getting him a fancy deck made of high-quality material that glides like silk when he shuffles it. If he's into a different hobby, such as a favorite sport, you could get him a deck that is themed for that hobby.

You can even expand outside the realm of playing cards. Some people are a little on the magical side and like tarot or divination cards. Some people have a favorite art style and would love to have a deck of cards with different artistic scenes depicted on them. The idea is that he'll have something he can carry around in his pocket and fiddle with throughout the day: even something that reminds him of you. Think outside the box! 

4) Incense or Essential Oil Diffuser

Scented candles are a little feminine for some guys, but incense can achieve the same effects with a more pleasing, less chemical smell. Besides, who doesn't like lighting things on fire? Buy some different scents from a good quality herb store and offer them with a good book of matches and an incense holder.

If you don't like the idea of giving your friend a bunch of incense sticks, you can also get a slow-release essential oil diffuser. This basically releases nice smells at controlled intervals and can be restocked with essential oils. You might try giving your friend some of the manlier scents, such as cedar, but you can throw in

5) Cigars

If you're going to give your friend incense and matches, then you may as well throw in a few cigars, too. Cigars are one of those go-to luxury gifts for men who have everything. They're consumable, relaxing, and they don't really have to cost that much. You can get away with a box of cheap ones and they can still be enjoyable to smoke; unless your friend is a picky cigar aficionado.

To make things more personable, there are even cigar shops that allow patrons to sit in a room and enjoy a smoke. You could offer to treat your friend to a cigar and spend time smoking with him, which is the real gift.

6) Portable Fire Pit

While we're still on the subject of smoke, nothing brings friends together more than a nice bonfire. If you live in an urban or suburban environment, it may not be easy for your friend to dig a fire pit, though, especially if he rents his home.

Instead, consider getting him a portable fire pit. These are basically giant bowls made of metal that are set up on a few legs so that they can rise up off the ground. You can put them anywhere it's safe to have a fire, but you don't have to dig a pit in the ground, and there's less cleanup involved since they usually have a catcher for the ash that comes down.

This is yet another gift that you can use together, so it has the added bonus of giving you more excuses to hang out at his house. 

7) Bookends

Good gifts for men who have everything—and who have every book ever written—can be as simple as a pair of bookends. The nice thing about bookends is that they double as works of art and often have little sculptures carved into them. Get something elaborate that will make that bland bookshelf pop; or, even better, get something that reflects your friend's personal interests.

You can find bookends that are themed to hobbies, sports, and even favorite TV shows. If your friend is the literary type, find bookends that include characters from a book series that they like to read, such as Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. If work is popular enough, it will often have merchandise like this. 

8) Puzzle Box

Need a present that will keep someone busy for a while? One of the best gifts for men who have everything is the gift of a challenge! There are plenty of unique puzzle boxes that also make great conversation pieces.

Sometimes they come in a kit format, where they have to be built and then solved. This can be a great present for your brainier friends or even just someone who is competitive and wants to see if they can solve the puzzle faster than anyone else.

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9) Old Fashioned Fire Starter

Lighters are boring and too easy to use. Instead, encourage your friend's survival instincts by getting them a magnesium Ferro rod. These are fire starters that are a bit easier to use than flint and steel but can be used in all kinds of weather, unlike a regular lighter.

If your friend is into bushcraft, this is an especially useful present because Ferro rods are consumable. Even if he already has one, he could probably use more as the magnesium bar starts to run out the more it is struck. 

10) Model Kits

Almost everyone likes to build stuff. As a kid, most people have experience with Legos or Erector Sets, where most of the fun was in building the toy before you could play with it. Even when we reach adulthood, building models can be a fun hobby, and there are many kits to choose from.

Is your friend interested in tiny houses? Get him a model kit for that. Does your friend like fancy sports cars? Get him a miniature luxury car that he can build himself. You can even go for a classic model rocket kit and build it together. There are also robot kits that you can build then control from your smartphone. There's nothing like a present that can also offer a sense of accomplishment.

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Nowadays, it's easy to browse the Internet and find a million products that you never knew existed, so the problem can often be one of the overwhelming choices. When you're buying gifts for men who have everything, the most important thing to consider is the guy's personal interests, but after that lean towards something practical that you can both enjoy together. After all, a gift is more fun when you can use it with friends, and the gift of your time is the best offering you can make.


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