How to Shop for Natural Vitamins in Your Local Groceries & Health Shops

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Last updated: 17 January 2020, 08:38 GMT

When you go shopping, it's pretty likely you're coming home with synthetic vitamins.

While they may still help you out – nothing works better than the real thing.

But how do you know which vitamins are the real ones and which ones are synthetically made?

Organic vitamins allow you a way to know you're getting something that isn't made in a laboratory. You do want to make sure that they don't contain GMOs.

What Are Natural Vitamins?

Just as the name should tell you, natural vitamins are derived from natural ingredients. They may contain natural ingredients derived from fruits and vegetables, minerals, and even animal sources (think fish oil).

They turn all these healthy ingredients into a supplement, though, they process them down and refine them – which can sometimes take away much of the vitamin or nutrient's effectiveness.

It's also important to know that just like buying a bottle of fruit juice, vitamins don't have to be 100-percent all-natural to be marked natural. They only need to be made from 10-percent plant-derived or other natural ingredients.

Then, the rest of the ingredients can be made synthetically.

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The Importance of All Natural Vitamins

With so many things being created in labs these days, you may wonder why it matters if the vitamins you take are all-natural or not. The thing is, synthetically made vitamins are just chemical compounds put together to match the compound of a vitamin or nutrient. They don't necessarily do the job the same way.

Have no fear though, there are vitamin companies out there making 100-percent natural vitamins, you just have to read the label. Most of them will state that they are organic – but they will most definitely specify that the product is completely non-synthetic.

    1. OrgeneticsOrgenetics is a brand that prides itself on making 100-percent natural supplements to ensure people get the vitamins and minerals their body needs, without synthetics. They are even USDA Certified Organic.
    2. Garden of Life's mykind Organics – Garden of Life is another company working hard to bring your supplements that are made naturally. Mykind Organics were created by actress and wellness advocate Alicia Silverstone. They are certified organic, and they contain no GMOs.

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Natural Vitamins That Boost Energy

If you're looking for vitamins and supplements that will assist you in combating fatigue, there are plenty of them. You can take them in pill form, drink an invigorating tea, or upgrade your diet to foods rich in energy and wellness. Here are some natural vitamins for energy.

    1. Vitamin B12 – If you need an energy boost and have been feeling fatigued, you may be low on vitamin B12. If that's the case, a B12 supplement can help put some pep back into your step. You can take ones that you swallow and those that melt in your mouth.
    2. Melatonin – Because so many people are spending more time on smartphones and tablets, it's pretty likely you've been tricking your body into thinking it's daylight longer than it really is – and this could be affecting the melatonin production in your body. If you're not sleeping well, consider taking melatonin to help you rest and wake up refreshed.
    3. Ginseng – This natural herb and adaptogen can help you fight off fatigue-causing stress. Not only can ginseng work to increase your energy, but it's also known to increase cognitive thinking (not that it will make you smarter, but it might put your smarts to better work for you).

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Natural Vitamins for Weight Loss

If you're on the search for some natural vitamins for weight loss, you have plenty of options. You can find them in weight loss supplements, teas, and more. Here are some of the vitamins that can aid in healthy metabolism and weight loss.

Green Tea – Green tea, whether you drink an actual cup of tea or you take a supplement, can give you a minor energy boost. What's more is that it can help to speed up your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. It's also great for curbing hunger.

Guarana – Guarana is a great way to get a caffeine boost, as it has the highest concentration of caffeine than any other plant. Caffeine gives you energy and mental focus, but can also be addictive (if you try to come off of caffeine it can cause headaches, jitters, and other withdrawal symptoms).

Pregnancy and Vitamins

If you're pregnant, vitamins are even more important for your health, because it's not just for you. They also help ensure that your baby grows strong inside the womb, and is born with all ten fingers and toes. You definitely want to invest in natural prenatal vitamins.

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about any of the risks that are (or could be) associated with synthetic vitamins, as well as which vitamins you need most and those you may want to avoid during pregnancy (like caffeine supplements). There may also be vitamins you shouldn't take when you're on prescription medications, have illnesses that affect the heart or have any other serious health concerns.

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How to Get More Vitamins in Your Diet

If you need a vitamin boost, look for vitamins that are organic and claim to be 100-percent non-synthetic.


When all else fails, turn to the natural foods that contain the vitamins you need. This is always the best option for the best absorbency and dose possible of any vitamin or nutrient.

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