Picture A Luxurious Vacation In This 19th Century Stylish Chic Palace In Wschowa, Poland

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Last updated: 01 March 2020, 04:31 GMT

The castle from Poland is basically looks like a setting from a Disney princess cartoons.

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The fairytale looking stoned tower dominating its landscape, surrounded by 300-year old treed estate is called The Palace at Osowa Sien in Wschowa, Poland, is a 60 minutes trip from Wroclaw and Poznan, and 3 hours from Berlin.

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Having 12 suites and three guest rooms with shared bathroom and modern amenities, perfect for any occasions from big birthdays, family reunion, intimate weddings or just rent the entire castle and feel the luxurious life during your vacation.

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It is ideal for private groups of 4 to 40. The whole castle, big suites and even the facilities including fireplace lounge, dining room, sauna, yoga and meditation salon will be exclusively yours and to your group alone.

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Cost starts at around £1000 per night for up to 16 guests. If you want a bigger affair of to 40 guests, prices will begin at £1075 for off-peak periods and can be as much as £2135 per night in peak periods and expect to pay a maximum of £374 each for a week-long stay in peak time.

You can also pay for a single room inclusive of a free daily breakfast, or order room service, the cheapest room in off-season is £79 per night for two guests staying or a spacious suite suitable for four guests, expect to pay £128.41 per night.

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The Facilities:

Custom Finish Sauna, walk-in shower with rain-drop facet, all-natural aromatherapy, and hand-crafted wicker lounge.

Grand lounge with Fireplace - perfect for relaxing

4 Ha. Garden with Terrace

Stately Kitchen with access to both Lounge and Dining Room

Roaring Fireplace and Cast-Iron Stoves Fall to Spring

Private Dining Room suitable to 35 persons

Scandic Yoga and Meditation Salon suitable to 35 practitioners


Evening Cinema or Daily Workshop Possibilities

Castle Tower with Games room and mini-lounges + 25 km radius view ideal for New Year’s firework watching

Numerous Reading Nooks

Access to the 65 square meter kitchen for self-catering groups

Highspeed WiFi

Room Cleaning

Central heating and heated floors in the suites

Pre-booking required:

Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Tavern Room and Beer Tastings

Outdoor bonfire possibilities

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It’s also your chance to visit the nearby Lake District ‘Przemecki Park Krajobrazowy’ where you can have picnic, or do water activities. Or feel like a princess in a horse and carriage ride while taking you on a two-hour tour around a nearby forest. You can also taste their local crafted beer and wine in your own cellar.

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