Some of the Best Stylish Workout Gear During Pregnancy

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Last updated: 27 February 2020, 10:49 GMT

Maintaining a regular but gentle exercise throughout your pregnancy is good and safe for your body and baby. It can improve your posture and decrease some discomforts such as backaches and fatigue.

You can continue your current exercise routine but in lighter impacts and do what's most comfortable for you. You can do aerobics, yoga, walking and swimming.

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Deborah Hazeldean from FittaMamma said on how to choose the right workout gear that looks good and able to support your baby:

“Supporting your bump makes a huge difference to your comfort when you exercise,”

She commented:


“If your bump feels secure, you’ll be able to exercise more comfortably and will feel better about maintaining your exercise routine throughout your pregnancy.

She added:

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“Leggings that support your lower back will also make a difference, improving your posture and easing lower back ache – they need to be cut high all round your body, rather than simply accommodating the bump. Avoid leggings that fall down or tops that ride up. Do the downward dog test when you try on maternity leggings.”

Here are some of the perfect partner for your workout:

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Seraphine navy blue bamboo maternity leggings

These maternity leggings are made from bamboo cotton that is perfect for your lightweight activities like walking and yoga. Offers comfort and has a super-soft over-the bump supporter.

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FittaMamma ultimate maternity sportswear top

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This top from Fitta Mamma is designed to support high octane activities such as running and cycling. The price is kind of expensive but rest assured that your bump is well supported by the top’s wide sticky band and the cross-back design.

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Next black maternity sports leggings

These simple pair of sports leggings with a sporty stripe of white down the side. It has this breathable panel over the bump, although the material used is not as comfortable as some cotton made.

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Asos 4505 maternity icon legging with bum sculpt seam detail

These leggings are stretchy and breathable. There’s a double layer of ruched fabric to secure your baby. It has a built-in pocket to hold your valuables. They come up very small, so order a size up.


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Gap maternity pure body crewneck T-shirt

The soft and comfortable t-shirt from Gap is excellent for all types of maternity workout. It fits down to the hips and doesn’t roll up during whatever activity.

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