Top Credit Cards for People Who Have No Credit for 2020 in the USA

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Last updated: 09 January 2020, 10:29 GMT

Not having credit can sometimes feel like the chicken-egg paradox. If we need credit to get credit, which comes first? The best way to build credit is through a credit card for no credit. In this review, we present the ten best credit building cards to establish a credit score this 2020 in USA.

Credit Card for No Credit FAQ

1. What Is a Credit Card for No Credit?

A credit card for people without the credit is a low-risk credit card with either a secured or unsecured credit line. A secured credit line works on a deposit system where members pay money to establish the credit line. An unsecured credit line is a money lent to members for later repayment.

2. Why Don't I Have a Credit Score?

Unfortunately, credit scores are not something people are born with; each person must establish credit. People don't have credit scores if they have not taken out loans, registered bills in their name, or obtained a credit card. Credit reports are only established once someone opens a credit card account.

3. Is It Bad to Not Have a Credit Score?

Credit is a necessary part of life. Not having credit is better than having bad credit, but many aspects of life require a credit score. People without credit may be overlooked as applicants for apartments, not approved for loans, or passed over for jobs when competing with people who have good credit.

4. How Do I Get a Credit Card Without Credit?

Fortunately, we live in a time where establishing credit is easier than ever. More companies are offering secured credit cards to help people build a credit score. Because these cards work on a deposit basis, members need only to put money in the account, spend the money, and promptly pay it back to create a credit score.

How We Reviewed

We investigated hundreds of credit cards for no credit options to find the best options available. To qualify for this review, each credit card offered acceptance rates for people without credit. Because APR and fees are generally higher for people without credit, we devoted much time to finding the best options available.

Overall APR Range

Credit building cards have higher than average APR rates because, without credit, lending institutions have no documentation about whether a member will repay funds spent. The average APR for credit building cards is around 24%. Some credit cards on our list have APRs as low as about 14%. People with excellent credit qualify for credit cards with APRs as little as 9%.

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What We Reviewed

  • Citi Secured Mastercard
  • Discover It Secured
  • Green Dot Platinum Visa
  • Journey Student Credit Card From Capital One
  • Discover It Student Cash Back
  • OpenSky Secured Visa
  • First Progress Elite Mastercard
  • Discover It Student Chrome
  • Capital One Secured Mastercard
  • Bank of America Secured Credit Card

Citi Secured Mastercard


Citi's Secured Mastercard is a credit card for no credit that works on a deposit basis. After approval, members deposit between $200 and $2,500 to serve as their credit line. The card offers Identity Theft Solutions to address any account tampering, and Purchase Protection gives $0 liability coverage in the event someone uses the card without permission.



Citi Secured Mastercard has a Purchase APR of 24.24% variable but doesn't have an annual fee.


Discover It Secured


Discover It Secured is another excellent option for those who want to build credit. Members submit a refundable deposit of at least $200 and no more than $2,500 to get a credit line. This secured card offers cash back rewards by giving 2% back for up to $1,000 spent quarterly at grocery stores and gas stations, and 1% back for all other purchases. At the end of the first year, Discover matches all cash back rewards earned.



Discover It Secured has a 24.74% variable APR rate for standard purchases and a 26.74% variable APR for cash advances. Discover waives any penalty APR rates, and they do not charge an annual fee.

Green Dot Platinum Visa


This Platinum Visa secured credit card for no credit by Green Dot offers ways to build credit without the risk. Initial deposit amounts range from $200 to $5,000 to establish a secured line of credit. This card has one of the lower APRs for secured cards. Other than that, Green Dot doesn't offer much in terms of perks, but the card establishes credit. Good credit leads to better opportunities.



Green Dot's Platinum Visa has a 19.99% APR for purchases and cash advances. The company charges a $39 annual fee.


Journey Student Credit Card From Capital One


Capital One's Journey Student Credit Card has tougher application odds because it's an unsecured card, but they often approve students. Capital one gives 1% cashback for all purchases, and they make it 1.25% when payments are made on time. Journey Student Credit comes with fraud protection and unlimited access to your credit score.



They subject purchases to a 26.49% variable APR rate when using the Journey Student Credit Card. Capital One doesn't charge an annual fee, nor do they charge for foreign transactions.


Discover It Student Cash Back


Discover it Student Cash Back is another student-friendly unsecured card for credit building. Discover It offers 5% cash back for purchases made at designated retailers each quarter. A standard 1% cashback applies for all other purchases and Discover automatically matches all cashback rewards at the end of the first year. Students who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher receive a $20 statement credit each year for up to five years.



Discover It Student Cash Back members enjoy a 0% introductory APR for the first six months. After that, a 14.74% to 24.74% variable APR applies for standard purchases. There is no annual fee for this card.


OpenSky Secured Visa


Another secured credit card to consider is the OpenSky Secured Visa. OpenSky doesn't run a credit check for applicants, and members define their credit line by depositing funds ranging from $200 to $3,000. OpenSky will return the unused portion of the deposit if the account is closed.



OpenSky's Secured Visa has a 19.14% variable APR for standard purchases and cash advances. They charge a $35 annual fee and fees for cash advances and foreign transactions.

First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard


Platinum Elite Mastercard by First Progress is a secured credit card for people without credit. Starting the credit line deposits range starts at $200. First Progress reports payments to the three national credit bureaus each month to help members establish credit.



APR rates for the First Progress Platinum Elite Mastercard start at 19.99% variable for standard purchases. Cash advances have a variable of 24.99% APR. First Progress charges a $29 annual fee for the Platinum Elite.


Discover It Student Chrome


Discover it Student Chrome is another offering from this company that provides an unsecured credit line to students. Like other Discover, it options, this card offers 2% cashback for select purchases and unlimited 1% cashback for everything else. Discover matches cashback earnings at the end of the year and gives a $20 Good Grade Reward for GPAs of 3.0 or more.



Discover It Student Chrome's introductory APR is 0% for six months and 14.74% to 24.74% variable after that. They do not charge an annual fee.


Capital One Secured Mastercard


Secured Mastercard by Capital One has the lowest minimum deposit rate we found. Deposit $49, $99, or $200 to the account to receive a line of credit. All deposits are refundable if left unused. Capital One offers credit line increases after five months of timely payments.



Secured Mastercard has a 26.49% APR and no annual fee.


Bank of America Secured Credit Card


The Bank of America Secured Credit Card offers deposit-based credit lines ranging from $300 to $4,900. After establishing a history of on-time payments and meeting other qualifying criteria, Bank of America may return your deposit in trade for an unsecured line of credit. Bank of America gives free access to FICO Scores each month through the member portal.



The standard APR for the Secured Credit Card by Bank of America is 24.74%, and they do not charge an annual fee.

The Verdict

Many doors are shut for people who don't have credit but applying for a credit card for no credit changes that. Establishing credit is the first step toward creating the life you want. All the credit card options in this review could work for you, depending on your circumstances.

Many people choose a secured card at first and move to unsecured options later. The Green Dot Platinum Visa is our top choice for secured credit cards because it offers a low APR. As long as you pay on time, unsecured credit card options will appear.

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