What Kind Of Bed Frame Is Best For A Memory Foam Mattress?

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Last updated: 16 January 2020, 08:23 GMT

Are you trying to find out what kind of bed frame is best for your memory foam mattress? A memory foam mattress is really perfect for providing a comfortable and relaxing sleep. That is why if you want it to last long, you have to make sure that it is properly supported by a great mattress foundation that will not only support it but also prolong its life. You have to remember that getting the wrong mattress foundation can definitely bring damage to your memory foam mattress.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Bed Frame?

As I have said at the beginning of this article, there are many good reasons for getting a bed frame for your memory foam mattress. Two of these good reasons are to make your sleep more relaxing and comforting and to make your mattress last longer.

While it is completely acceptable to just let your memory foam mattress sit directly on the floor without any kind of support, you still have to take into account that having a bed frame can help make your mattress perform better and become firmer and stronger.

Furthermore, having a bed frame will add more height to your actual bed and make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. When you do not have a bed frame, there is a tendency for your comforter or duvet to drag into the ground. And when that happens, it is most likely to get dirty easily and quickly so you will have to clean it often.

When you have a bed frame, however, you will not have this problem since it can help maintain the cleanliness of your bed sheet, comforter, duvet, and even your pillowcases.

What Are The Kinds Of Bed Frames?

There are two kinds of bed frames being sold in the market and it is very important to know these so you can determine which one you actually need for your mattress. These two kinds of bed frames include the box spring and the bed foundation.

A box spring is a bed based that is composed of wood and steel springs. This combination acts as a shock absorber mainly for a traditional innerspring mattress. A bed foundation, on the other hand, is composed of a solid structure that is usually designed for a memory foam or a latex mattress.

It is commonly designed with either a solid wood top or a wood-slatted system that is equipped with a cover. Consequently, a bed frame can either be composed of metal or wood.

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Which Kind Of Bed Frame Is Best For A Memory Foam Mattress?

Now that you know the different kinds of bed frames, you are probably very curious to know which best bed frames you can now purchase in the market. However, there are still so many things you need to know before choosing which kind of bed frame is the right one for your memory foam mattress.

In this part of my article, let me write a more detailed comparison between the two kinds of bed frames that are good for your memory foam mattress and give you the pros and cons of each of these kinds.

Metal/Steel bed frames

A bed frame that is made of metal is good for a memory foam mattress because of its quality and affordability. Since it is metal, it means that it is more resistant to water damage, bug damage and even fire damage.

It is also lighter than a wooden frame which means that if you want to move it around your home, you will not have difficulties carrying it and transporting it from one place to another.

There are metal bed frames that come with wheels and some that are easy to adjust. In case you upgrade your mattress to a bigger size or you want to transfer your bed to another room, you can easily do that.

The only thing that you may find off about metal bed frames is the noise. As time will go by, it has the tendency to start squeaking and creaking over time.

Wood bed frames

A bed frame that is made of wood can also be a perfect foundation for your memory foam mattress. One of the reasons why it is good is because it can be customized and adjusted according to the size you want for your entire bed.

You can make wood bed frames sit higher than a regular metal one. This will give you more space to store your unused belongings underneath your bed.

Also, wood frames usually include slats that run across the width of your bed. This is a good feature that provides more support for your memory foam mattress.

In case you are that type of person who likes to design your home and makes every detail complement one another, wood frames are good for you since they come with more design elements and in various colors and materials.

For its cons, wood bed frames are more expensive than metal ones. They are also heavier which means they can be difficult to transfer from one place to another. They also require more time to set up and they usually do not come with a headboard.

How To Choose A Bed Frame

Both metal and wood bed frames are good for a memory foam mattress. However, if you cannot decide which of these two you actually want to try, here are some things you need to remember:

  1. Choose a high profile bed frame if you want to add more height to your bed. A wood bed frame is usually higher than a metal one.
  2. If you choose a wood bed frame because it comes with slats, make sure that the slats are not more than eight inches apart. It is better to have slats that are only three inches apart
  3. Whichever bed frame you choose, you need to make sure that it will help distribute the weight of your mattress and prevent your mattress from sagging.



Each kind of bed frame mentioned in this article both has pros and cons and for you to decide which kind perfectly fits your memory foam mattress, you have to carefully determine what you need. After all, bed frames, regardless of their kind, are designed to provide full support and stability for your entire bed. I hope that my simple tips can help you make your final decision.

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