Lil Nas X hints collaboration with The Wiggles for his new track Rodeo

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Dorothy Lac in Music

11 February 2020, 07:03 GMT

Lil Nas X, one of the biggest stars if the 2019 music industry, has hinted at a potential collaboration with none other than Australian children’s music royalty: The Wiggles.

The American rapper posted a tweet overnight suggesting he wanted to get the original fab four, Murray, Jeff, Greg and Anthony, in the studio to remix his new song 'Rodeo'.

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He also share a mash-up photo of himself and the group, along with the words: “Lil Nas X & The Wiggles: Rodeo Remix.”

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People on social media were blown away by the possible collaboration, with one person tweeting:

"Please don't let this be a joke man. I want this so bad rn."

Another added:

"Now I really wanna hear Lil Nas singing 'fruit salad'."

It's not the first time Lil Nas X has baffled fans with his collaboration announcements.

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In July 2019, at the height of his success with Old Town Road, he teased partnerships with Dolly Parton and Mariah Carey.

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While the artists were keen to collaborate, the remixes never transpired.

Later that year, he also tweeted there would be 25 remixes of Panini, but only one was ever released.

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Meanwhile, Lil Nas X has released a music video for Rodeo featuring rapper Nas.

The Wiggles were formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1991 and are widely considered the most successful children's band of all-time.

The Wiggles basically confirmed they're in. Despite having no clue what prompter Lil Nas X's tweet.

“We don’t know what’s happening but this is amazing,” the Aussie band's official Instagram commented.

The group recently made headlines for their bushfire benefit shows that unfortunately saw original Yellow Wiggle Greg Page hospitalised after suffering cardiac arrest.

Thankfully for Greg, there was an off-duty nurse in the crowd who did CPR on the performer until he could be transported to hospital.

"Thank you all for your questions and concerns about Greg. We are happy to let you know that he has been discharged from hospital today and will now begin a journey of rest and recovery at home," the statement read.

"Your thoughts and prayers for Greg have meant the world to him and his family, but moving forward, they ask for some privacy so Greg can focus on his recovery. Out of respect for Greg and his wishes, we won't be sharing any more updates."

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