“You've Never Seen My Body,You Still Judge It”- Billie Eilish Against Body Shaming

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Last updated: 12 March 2020, 06:04 GMT

The eighteen-year-old, Billie Eilish, who won five Grammy Awards, a BRIT Award and a subject of fascination for her signature style, oversized t-shirts paired with baggy basketball shorts and sweats, but in her pre-recorded video, she was seen removed her heavy sweatshirt down to a bra, in which she criticises the toxic culture of body-shaming.

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In a Calvin Klein ad from last year, Eilish proudly declared that,

"Nobody can have an opinion because they haven’t seen what’s underneath. Nobody can be like, 'she’s slim-thick,' 'she’s not slim-thick,' 'she’s got a flat ass,' 'she’s got a fat ass.' No one can say any of that because they don’t know."

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Since the start of her career, the singer maintained the way she dresses but reality awakened her that all women eventually stare down in all standards and aspects, that people will always judge her body.

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During Eilish tour kickoff in Miami, March 9, she spoke out against the double-standard part of her work.

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In the video, she can be seen slowly unzipping her top while her voice-over says:

"I feel your stares, your disapproval."

The voice-over outlines the impossibility of pleasing everyone,

"If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I'm a slut."

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The full text of her monologue reads as follows:

"You have opinions, about my opinions, about my music, about my clothes, about my body. Some people hate what I wear,"

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"some people praise it, some people use it to shame others, some people use it to shame me, but I feel you watching, always, and nothing I do goes unseen. So while I feel your stares, your disapproval, or your sigh of relief, if I lived by them,"

"I'd never be able to move. Would you like me to be smaller? Weaker? Softer? Taller? Would you like me to be quiet? Do my shoulders provoke you? Does my chest? Am I my stomach? My hips? The body I was born with, is it not what you wanted?"

It continued:

"If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman. If I shed the layers, I'm a slut. Though you've never seen my body, you still judge it, and judge me for it. Why? We make assumptions about people, based on their size. We decide who they are, we decide what they're worth. If I wear more,"

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"If I wear less, who decides what that makes me? What that means? If my value is based only on your, perception? Or is your opinion of me, not my responsibility?"

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The gig was the first of her world tour, which will come to Europe in July - coronavirus permitting - and she will play UK shows in Manchester, Birmingham and London.

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