Indie wrestler PJ Hawx jumps off mall’s balcony

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Dorothy Lac in Sport

11 February 2020, 07:40 GMT

Independent wrestler PJ Hawx has went viral online after jumping from the balcony at Esplanade Mall in Kenner, Louisiana for a Wildkat wrestling show. He teamed with his father Luke Hawx at the event and jumped off with a crossbody block on Fly Def. The two ended up winning the match and retaining the WKS Tag Team Championships.

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After the event, PJ shared footage of her move on social media, writing:

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"Hawx's are known to fly, they just didn't tell you it was off the second storey of the mall."

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His proud father, Luke Hawx, also posted the clip, writing:

"Craziness runs in the family. My son @pj_hawx just FLEW OFF THE 2ND STORY OF THE MALL!!!"

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Other wrestling fans had a lot of love for the incredible scenes, with many noting that it's not usually the kind of theatrical flair you get from mall shows.

One person tweeted:

"This is so awesome. No one ever does this stuff at mall shows, I'm guessing they are free but imo that makes those shows even more important because I'm sure it's a lot of those people's first ever pro wrestling show."

Another said:

"Whoever let that fed run a show in a shopping mall deserves a raise. No mall cops spoiling anything."

A third wrote:


If you skip forward to the 35-second mark and look towards the left of the frame, you should spot it: The little kid gets so pumped and excited that he starts spontaneously breakdancing.

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One asked:

"Is everyone just gonna ignore that kid break dancing in the sidelines?"

Another said:

"Cool... But I'm giving the W to the breakdancing kid on the outside."

However, some people were negative about Hawx.

"This could have ended VERY badly! Glad it went off fine from the looks of it but it's stupid these guys need to do stuff like this to get attention to their matches instead of improving in ring story telling and techniques that would really sell a match and be safer." a Twitter user said.

“Let's not get too crazy trying to go viral.” another user said.

"An incredibly dangerous and stupid stunt." one added.

"Omg. So fucking stupid." a second to the emotion.



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