What Are Five Effective Basketball Dribbling Drills For Beginners?

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Last updated: 16 January 2020, 07:50 GMT

Are you a fan of basketball? Have you been trying to find ways to be good at playing it? Did you try looking for some tips about basketball dribbling drills for beginners? If not, why don’t you try to do that?

There are so many basketball shooting drills for beginners that you should be able to know, learn, and practice so you can be very good at playing basketball, and it also helps when you have the best portable basketball hoop. In this article, I hope to be able to impart my knowledge and help you learn new strategies that can level up your game.

What You Need To Be Good At Basketball Dribbling

Basketball basically requires a lot of footwork, hand-eye coordination, and speed and agility. You have to make sure you do great in all these aspects and make yourself constantly aware of your surroundings to be able to pass the ball to your team member or shoot it into the basketball hoop.

Footwork. Basketball is almost similar to dancing. You have to move your feet in ways that you know can help you move in the right direction. If you are holding the ball, footwork will allow you to slash your way towards the basket and eventually, shoot into the rim.

It will also help you defend yourself from the one guarding you, deny the ball, and move to a position where you can pass the ball to your teammate. If you have watched successful professional basketball players, you will see how precise their footwork is and how it helps them gain an advantage against their opponents.

Hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is definitely very important in playing basketball. In basketball, you use this special skill to throw the ball into the basket, stop your opponent by blocking the ball, pass the ball to your teammate or catch the ball itself. This game basically forces you to use the said skill all throughout a game.

Speed and agility. You cannot be slow if you really want to be good at playing basketball. I am not only talking about your physical movement, but I am also referring to your reaction. When playing basketball, you have to be very quick when moving and dribbling the ball, and of course, with your reaction to what is happening around you.

If you have a slow reaction, you will not be able to quickly catch the ball being passed on to you by your teammate or even shoot the ball in a certain period of time. That means you really have to work on both your physical speed and your reaction time.

Think about your favorite basketball players. The faster their reaction time is, the faster their movement seems to become. That is something you need to replicate if you really want to be a good basketball player.

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What Are Five Effective Basketball Dribbling Drills For Beginners?

Now that you know what certain skills are necessary for your basketball training, let me share with you five effective basketball dribbling drills for beginners like you.

1. Ball Handling Drills

Bouncing the ball is basically the main step in playing the game. It is used to move the ball under your control from one specific point to another. You have to be able to continuously bounce the ball using your hand and control it so it does not stop or get stolen by your opponent.

When you bounce the ball, it is called dribbling. When either of your hands catches the ball, that is when the dribbling temporarily stops.

This is where a ball-handling drill comes in action. When you work with your ball handling, you have to practice it with your head up and looking into the ceiling or into the sky. Dribble the ball using your fingertips and then working on both of your hands.

2. Stationary Drills

This is basically a very easy drill since you can practically just do it at home or anywhere without moving so much. To do this, you have to learn how to hold the ball correctly and precisely by using your fingertips.

You have to make sure your fingers are far apart when doing that. Here are two stationary drills that you can try:

  1. You can do this by literally tipping the ball back and forth with your one hand and then on the other hand. Do it with your hands extended above your head and then move the ball down in front of your body while you are still tipping it back and forth.
    Remember to keep your elbows straight while you move the ball down your body and up to your head.
  2. Place the ball in between your feet and grab it with both of your hands. Bend slightly and position your left hand behind your left leg and your right hand behind your right leg.
    Drop the ball to allow it to bounce and touch the floor. Then, quickly position your left hand in front of your left leg and your right hand in front of your right leg as the ball bounces up. Repeat the drill until you master it.

3. Ball Dribbling Drills

If you want to be really good at ball dribbling, you have to make sure that both of your hands have the same strength and speed. When you practice ball dribbling, having one ball on each hand and doing your best to apply equal pressure on both balls can help you a lot.

Furthermore, here are two ball dribbling drills that you can practice:

  1. 2-ball dribbles. This ball dribbling drill can help you warm up or condition yourself. Place a ball on each of your hands and dribble them simultaneously. You can do this in a stationary position and then you can move forward and backward as you get comfortable with it.

  2. 2-ball wall dribbles. Hold one ball with each of your hands and perform dribbling action against the wall. The two balls should touch the wall at the same exact time. Do this with your fingertips and with your head up.

4. Moving Drills

This drill is basically a footwork drill and it requires both your physical speed and reaction time. Let me share with you two effective moving drills that you can try:

  1. Speed dribble. You can use this drill to advance your ball faster up the floor with only a bit of pressure. Place your hand behind your ball, push it in front and run to catch it.
  2. Backward dribble running. You need to incorporate speed dribble in this drill. Start with your back to the half-court line and dribble your ball back to the halfway line. After that, speed dribble back to your very first position.

5. Shooting Drills

Shooting the basketball into the hoop is the most important part of the game as this is the one that determines your performance and gives your team a score. Here are two effective shooting drills that can help you improve your shooting skills:

  1. Around the world. In this drill, you are basically expected to try to shoot the ball in different positions. You can start at a layup position and then to a block position.
  2. Foul-shooting line-up. Stand in a position where you can perform a free throw and continuously try to shoot the ball into the hoop.


There is definitely a lot of basketball dribbling drills for beginners that you can try. While all of these are proven to be very effective, sometimes it is also up to you to discipline yourself and make sure that you are doing your best to be better at this game. I hope that my tips can greatly help you in achieving your goals and the results you desire for yourself.

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