Serve Your Home Made Sundaes Using These Ice Cream Makers

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Last updated: 26 February 2020, 05:49 GMT

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite specially back in our younger days. This has become our comfort food, just a big bowl of ice cream makes our sadness go away.

We don’t need to go to our favorite supermarket just to buy this cold treat, now that ice cream maker machine enables you to create your own flavor.

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Ice cream makers can be fully automatic, which come with built-in freezer, and manual machine, which require us to pre-freeze the bowl first.

Here are some of the ice cream maker that you can buy:

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Magimix gelato expert

This machine is the most expensive among the list, but if you want to make your flavors more predictable, you’re not wrong in getting this.

It has 2 liters in capacity and after 20 minutes of cooking, you can have your dense but creamy ice cream. This can be noisier than most, but not annoyingly so.

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  Lakeland Compressor Ice cream Maker


This fully automatic machine which has a built-in compressor can make your gelato in about an hour, and for those recipes that needs longer, you can simply add extra 10 minutes. It’s versatile, with the ability to make anything from gelato to frozen yoghurt and sorbet to other frozen desserts.

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Springlane Kitchen Elli ice cream maker


This unusual 1.2 liter looking machine doesn’t require you to pre-freeze the bowl. You can get your velvety and smooth, without a lump in sight sorbet in around 45 minutes. The LCD display highlights the temperature and preparation time. Easy to clean but not the quietest machine. You can check their recipe book to get some great inspiration.

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 Krups ice cream maker GVS141

You can enjoy your scoop of ice cream in just 20 minutes if you pre-freeze the removable bowl for 10 to 12 hours. It is smaller in size and more lightweight than some that makes it very handy.

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 Cuisinart ice cream deluxe maker

This 2-liter ice cream maker, instead of the paddle turning, the bowl does. You can see everything while adding extra ingredients plus a quick test. It’s quite pricey for a pre-freezing machine.

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