John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four reboot

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Last updated: 10 February 2020, 03:10 GMT

A Quiet Place part II director John Krasinski has again stated his interest in playing Mr. Fantastic in Fantastic Four reboot.

The 40-year-old actor and filmmaker has told the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that he's ready and waiting for the call.

Speaking to Total Film, he said:

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"You're like, 'Do you have any interest in not shattering people's dreams?' I would love to be in the Marvel universe.

"I love those movies because they're fun, but I also think they're really well done. And certainly a lot of my friends are in those movies. I have no idea what [Marvel] are thinking.

"But if they are considering me for Mr. Fantastic, continue to consider me because I would love it."

Total Film also asked whether Krasinski would consider directing a Marvel blockbuster, and answered:

"Oh man, directing one of those things? I don't think I'm your guy. But if I was to act in one? I'd have so much fun."

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Perhaps Krasinski is too good of a fit: another handsome, jacked, white man. And perhaps Marvel needs to stray away from his type as they get into Phase 5. Krasinski was in the mix to earn a role as Captain America, which ultimately went to Chris Evans. Krasinski even admitted he was glad to see Evans get the role, because it allowed Krasinski to work on his abilities as a writer and director

To mention, there have been several Fantastic Four movies. First was Roger Corman's semi-mythical low-budget from 1994, which never received an official release.

The 2005 version which starred Titantic's Ioan Gruffudd as the head of the crime-fighting gang. It performed well enough at the box office to enjoy a sequel two years later, Rise of the Silver Surfer, but was critically mauled, with a 27% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Then a decade later, the release of Josh Trank's 2015 reboot. Starring Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan, it was the lowest-grossing of the superhero group's cinematic adaptations.

However, Marvel boss Kevin Feige confirmed last year his intentions to bring back the franchise and give it another go.

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Speaking to Variety, Feige was asked about the Fantastic Four and whether there were any stories that he wanted to tell but he felt hadn't been told before.

"All of that is spoilers, but I'm extremely excited about those characters and about bringing Marvel's first family up sort of to the platform and the level that they deserve."

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