John Turturro’s 'Big Lebowski' Spinoff in 'The Jesus Rolls' trailer

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Dorothy Lac in TV & Movies

Last updated: 07 February 2020, 04:05 GMT

Yes. A full-length trailer for The Jesus Rolls has been released online.

Starting March 20, The Big Lebowski spin-off can be seen in select cinemas with John Turturro reprising his role from the hit 1998 film, with the character fresh out of prison and ready to pick up where he left off.

Its official synopsis reads:

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"Fresh out of prison, smooth-talking petty thief Jesus Quintana is ready to roll with his best friend Petey (Bobby Cannavale) riding shotgun. Picking up free-spirited hairdresser Marie (Audrey Tautou) along the way, the three embark on an epic petty crime spree across the rural backroads of New York.

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"Taking in the idyllic landscapes from the window of a stolen muscle car, the trio spend their days occupied with free love and the pursuit of happiness, and doing whatever it takes to get it."

With Joel and Ethan Coen, the fraternal writer/director team behind the original movie, announcing they would not be involved in any potential Lebowski sequels, Turturro decided to take matters into his own hands, writing and directing the new movie himself, albeit with the brothers' blessing.


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In an interview with Variety, Turturro said:

"They're my friends, close friends, and were supportive when I said I wanna explore this character more.

"They said, you gotta do it cause we're not doing it! If I have something to show, I show it to them if they're around."

He explained that his new project was "a bit of a racy movie".

He continued:

"It shows how stupid men are. That's what the movie is kinda about - the women are the stronger, more together characters.

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"I had to tweak it a little bit but now I feel really good about it. It's basically an exploration of Jesus getting out of jail [after he is framed as a paedophile]. It's a comedy but a very human comedy."

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