Netflix’s 'Spinning Out' cancelled after season 1

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Dorothy Lac in TV & Movies

Last updated: 07 February 2020, 03:23 GMT

Fans have been left "devastated” after Netflix cancels the figure skating drama Spinning Out after one season. The series was created by a former competitive figure skater, Samantha Stratton, and it premiered on the streaming service in January 2020.

The drama centered on Kat Baker as Scodelario, an ambitious figure skater who is facing the possibility of retirement after a devastating fall. Landing on an opportunity to continue her career as a pairs skater with the talented Justin Davis as Roderick, Kat also worries about the exposure of a secret which could unravel her entire life.

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In the ten episodes of season 1, Kat faced responsibilities which extended beyond her time at the ice rink. The series had a similarly widened scope. In addition to tackling the intense pressures which the characters faced as athletes, Spinning Out focused a spotlight on topics such as bipolar disorder, racial profiling, and sexual assault.

In response to the cancellation, one person wrote:

"So sorry that Spinning Out has been cancelled as it was one of those series that not only had a beautiful story but had something to say. Thanks for your performance!"

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Another added:

"I am sooooo devastated. This was the best show that I have ever seen and it can't be the end of it. We have to work together to save it."

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A third said:

"So you're telling me i sat through all those episodes and I won't get to see Kat & Justin's final performance. I need to see them f***ing skate."

Fans are so devastated at not being able to see the end of Kat and Justin's story, a petition has been set up for a second season to be commissioned.

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The appeal was set up three days ago and has already garnered over 14,000 signatures with the author of the petition writing:

"It's refreshing to see such a well-done series on a sport (figure skating), which is most often overlooked in itself while including the raw and intense struggles that can come along with it.

"This show brought awareness to bipolar disorder, depression, sexual assault, racial inequality, the power of the wealthy, cultural stereotypes and so much more."

It continued:

"Each episode brought the viewers into the world of not only Kat but the supporting characters as well, who all had so much depth and substance that told a story of their own.

"Netflix needs to keep shows like Spinning Out going because they truly create a strong and supporting fan base - a community of individuals who will produce continual support for the shows that they connect with and love so deeply."

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