People 'too scared to finish' horror series 'Ares' on Netflix

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Dorothy Lac in TV & Movies

Last updated: 06 February 2020, 03:31 GMT

Fans have taken to social media to reveal that they are "too scared to finish" Netflix's new horror series Ares.

Consisting of eight episodes which are just 20 to 30 minutes long, Ares is centered around Rosa Steenwijk (Jade Olieberg), a college student who tries to join Amsterdam's elite circles by becoming a member of a secret society.

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It sounds like it's got all the ingredients of a horror. A cult society, a dark secret locked up in the basement, suicide, gory initiations and a place where power comes at a terrible price.

Bring that all together and you get viewers who are so disturbed by it they cannot bear to watch any more.

One took to Twitter to say:

"Ares on netflix is so fu**ing disturbing i can't finish it".

A second commented:

"Ok so has anybody watched Ares on netflix? cause im scared sh*tless and i wanna know if i should keep watching or".


Another added:

"Ares on Netflix is fu**ed up on soooo many levels but us a true blue story of justice and revenge. AND DAMN DID THEY KEEP ME HOOKED. #Aresnetflix".

As a fourth said:

“#AresNetflix is disturbing, unsettling, creepy and weird as fuck. Exactly my kind of sh*t."

While one viewer Twitted:

"Just finished Ares. Wow! It wasn't what I expected but I loved it. Dark. Artsy. Atmospheric. Great cinematography. Creepy. A lot was unexplained. But the ending is very satisfying & slightly Carrie-esque. I hope there's a Season 2 & I wonder where it takes us. #Aresnetflix #Ares".

Others, however, simply recommended Ares as a great show.

"If u guys like creepy horror + goth aesthetic shows about cults I highly recommend the new Dutch show Ares that just got put on netflix....the aesthetic is...*chef kiss*"

"Okay, so I freaking LOVED #Aresnetflix!!! This show was 100% not what I was expecting & I seriously think it’s one of the best Netflix originals ever produced. It’s a relatively short watch, & I think you’d love it if you like horror, bomb goth aesthetics, & social commentary."

It should be noted that Ares is a Dutch-language television series, you may need to watch with subtitles. Despite some viewers saying they were unable to finish it, one Forbes review assures viewers it's well worth sticking with the action until the very end.

There's just so much on our watch list.

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