The Simpsons 1993 Episode Focused On A Viral Outbreak Some Says It's Actually Coronavirus

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Last updated: 12 March 2020, 07:11 GMT

It seems like the presidency of Donald Trump has been predicted 16 years ago from The Simpson’s episode 'Bart to the Future' in 2000 and its writers have also been credited with foreseeing many other events including the horse meat scandal, the design of the shard, and Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox.

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Since January 2020, fans are claiming that the outbreak of the coronavirus was foreseen in another episode 'Marge in Chains' which was released way back in 1993.

The rumors are circulating around social medias that the long-running sitcom “The Simpsons” had “predicted” the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

The episode shows the residents of Springfield dealing with an outbreak of “Osaka Flu,” which spreads after a factory worker coughs into a box.

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A worker in Japan is shown to say 'please don't tell the supervisor I have the flu', before coughing into a box addressed to Homer.

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When it arrives in Springfield, a green swarm emerges from the delivery, and similar packages containing a juice loosener are then opened by Principal Skinner, and Patty and Selma, before taking over the town.

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Fans shared the images on Twitter leading to many saying the similarities and that creators had predicted coronavirus 27 years ago - despite the fact the virus on The Simpsons came from Japan while the current coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan in China.

One wrote:

"Simpsons knew!"

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Another said:

"The Simpsons are from the future. They have predicted everything that has happened to us. Like Trump becoming pres, Kobe's death and now the coronavirus. What's next?! The world ending?"

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And the third:

"The Simpsons, 1993, this goddamn series predicted coronavirus. My mind is blown."

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However, it turns out the words “Corona Virus” from the graphics were photoshopped on top of the original image “Apocalypse Meow”, showing Springfield newsreader Kent Brockman sitting.

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The 1993 episode of “The Simpsons” truly focused on a viral outbreak, this is hardly a prediction. After all, the world has seen a number of pandemics. The Spanish Flu, the Hong Kong Flu, and the Asian Flu are just a few historical examples.

The fictional virus in the episode was actually called the Osaka flu, originating in Japan, rather than the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak of Wuhan, China.

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