'X Factor' not returning this year as Simon Cowell ‘rests series’ after ratings dip

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Last updated: 10 February 2020, 06:42 GMT

The popular ITV show has been put on ice for a year by its creator Simon Cowell.

We won't be getting The X Factor back on our screens anytime soon, it has recently been announced.

According to reports, Simon Cowell is set to take 12 months off, with the show to return in 2021.

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A TV insider told The Sun:

"Simon wants to really think through the show and how to reinvigorate it for the future.

"Although The X Factor is contracted for one more series, ITV totally understand the rationale behind the idea of resting it this year and want to give Simon and the team the time to do what they feel is right."

The show has been running on ITV for 16 years and has been watched at prime time on Saturday evenings.

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According to The Sun, the 60-year-old judge and creator of the programme signed a new deal to air Britain's Got Talent until 2024 which included a 2020 version of X Factor.

But reports have said that he music mogul now wants to lay the show to rest to see whether there is any life in the old format before attempting to bring it back. A number of changes have been made over the years in a bid to boost viewing figures.

Last year, two revamps were introduced in the format of X Factor: Celebrity as well as X Factor: The Band.

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A spokesman for Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor said: “Plans for this autumn are still being finalised and will be announced in due course. We are currently filming Britain’s Got Talent 2020.”

The X Factor launched the careers of chart superstars One Direction, Olly Murs, JLS, James Arthur and Leona Lewis.

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But in the recent years show winners has struggled to achieve the same impact, both in the charts and with television audiences.

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