Having a bad week? Well those people may have it worse than you.

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Last updated: 11 February 2020, 07:44 GMT

No one was hurt in the making of these..


And in no particular order:


1. When you run out of hair conditioner.


2. When little kitty cannot hold it.


3. "Mind the doors, mind the closing doors."


4. Gonna rain on my parade.


5. The happiest birthday.


6. The perks of having a tiny Picasso at home.


7. When reaching for an afternoon snack.


8. "Let's go to the beach, bitch."


9. When you get the horns but not in the good way.


10. No judging.


11. New Year = New me = New Nair.


12. When you run out of hot sauce.


13. Lost and found.


14. Ride of fame?


15. "Freeze!"


16. Love bite.


17. Paper jam?



We do hope these made you a tiny bit giggle and took your mind off your bad day. If you wish to share some funny content with us, do not hesitate to send it to editor@99vibe.com


Have a good day you all.

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