A Beautiful Sight But A Major Problem To The Residents Of Hoover Beach

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Deanna Rivera in World News

Last updated: 02 March 2020, 05:39 GMT

After the Sub-zero temperatures, gale-force winds, and 18-foot waves from Lake Erie created an ice spectacle at Hoover Beach in Hamburg, the place made a perfect setting of a fantasy land from the classic series 'The Chronicles of Narnia' by C.S Lewis.

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The ice accumulated Thursday overnight into Friday, locals who woke up found that their homes are left completely iced over, making it magical. 

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Ed Mis, a resident and homeowner in Hoover Beach, says he never seen conditions this bad before. He had to go out on a second floor leaving him forced to chisel his way out.

"Two days of gale-force winds along Lake Erie have iced over many of the homes along the beach in Hamburg."

He continued:

"I actually had to go out a secondary door and then chisel my way back into the house by breaking the ice."

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He added:

"This is like our sixth storm in a matter of a few months, and it’s kind of wearing on everybody,"

He also said that there's a woman living next door to him whose home is completely blocked. The ice almost reaches her roof.

Homeowners in Hoover Beach woke to the ice that is likely one to three feet thick covering their doors and windows that in some cases, houses were left in darkness.

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John Kucko tweeted with an image of the now-frozen structures;

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"Welcome to Narnia,"

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Temperatures dipped below freezing last week but are only continuing to get colder.

So, residents will have to get used to putting plans on ice.

Credit Image: twitter.com

Besides property, several power lines and trees collapsed due to the weight of the ice and fell.

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