A Joyful Event in Germany Turned To Tragedy Leaving 30 People Injured

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Deanna Rivera in World News

Last updated: 25 February 2020, 01:12 GMT

Carnival is a popular event in most parts of western Germany, especially in Rhineland cities such as Cologne and Duesseldorf.

During the annual celebrations for Rosenmontag, or Rose Monday - a carnival day throughout the country usually held before lent, a car drove around barriers and deliberately slammed into the crowds.

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Witnesses say that a silver Mercedes purposely hurtled towards the crowd, including children, at a Carnival parade in Germany, in the town of Volksmarsen. The incident injured at least 30 people.

Volkmarsen is in the northern Hesse, about 75 miles east of Dortmund.

It appeared that the car drove within 30 meters before slamming into spectators creating a distressing scene where bloodied victims lay on the floor.

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Credit Image: nytimes.com

Police officers and paramedics arrived at the scene after the incident took the place at about 2:30pm local time on Monday.

HNA, a German news website, cited that according to the witnesses they interviewed, it looks like the driver is desperately targeting the children.

Reiner Linger, a police spokesman from the city of Kassel, said to Welt TV:

“Unfortunately, we cannot rule out that it was done with intent.”

Credit Image: nytimes.com

The ongoing investigation by the police from the region of Hessen confirmed that a 29-year-old German national is responsible for the attack.

Police were forced to step in when the angry locals confronted the driver.

Sadly, as a precaution, it was confirmed that all parades in the Hessen region have been cancelled.

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A police spokesperson said:

"In Volkmarsen, a car drove into the Rose Monday parade.”

He added:

"According to the first reports, there are several injuries. The police are on site with a large contingent. The driver of the car has been arrested by police officers."

Credit Image: dw.com

They advised the locals not to give speculations or spread rumors on social media.

Just days before the incident, a deadly terrorist attacked in Hanau near Frankfurt, killed 10 people - his mother and nine whom had immigrant background.

Credit Image: indiatoday.in

The mass shooting in Hanau was Germany's third worst attack. There have been countless of undesirable attacks and threat.

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