Heinz Is Finding More Organizations That Could Support Their Breakfast Scheme

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Last updated: 25 March 2020, 12:41 GMT

After the nationwide school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak, these kids’ education will be interrupted and many will go without a hot meal.

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Thanks to many restaurants who showcased humanity through offering free meals to lot of kids. Aside from them, many individuals and companies doing their best to help others in need.

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The company Heinz, for example, have pledged to give 12 million free breakfasts to school children who might go without their free breakfast because schools are shut. The plan is 12 million figure amounts of breakfast - five days for eight weeks, will be given to those young ones who would usually be attending breakfast club schemes.

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The baked beans manufacturers have partnered with a charity called Magic Breakfast, who provide healthy school breakfasts to children in disadvantaged areas of the UK.

The idea of Heinz received positive review from the critics, one comment from Facebook said:

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"Thank you, Heinz UK, one company trying to make a difference to thousands of children for whom school provided the one hot meal of the day. We live in times of poverty and austerity, which is about to get a lot worse! Nice to see a company thinking somebody else at this time.”

Although the company haven’t released the details on how exactly the scheme will come in play.

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President JoJo de Noronha of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe shared that the company is,

"Finding other organisations that can help us reach even more children, parents, carers and teachers during this difficult time."

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She continued:

"We are encouraging other organisations and companies to come forward with any support possible to ensure no child goes hungry due to these unfortunate school closures."

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