These Adorable Penguins Were Taking Their Chance To Enjoy Roaming Around Shedd Aquarium

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Deanna Rivera in World News

Last updated: 19 March 2020, 02:00 GMT

Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, which was close to visitors, recently shared a video of one of their penguins wandering around the aquarium and taking in some sights and sounds they're not accustomed to.

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Due to warning of health authorities amid coronavirus outbreak, the zoo decided to close temporarily that gives some of the animals inside a chance to stretch their legs.

Shedd wrote on its social media pages:

"Some of the penguins went on a field trip to meet other animals at Shedd. Wellington seemed most interested in the fishes in Amazon Rising! The black-barred silver dollars also seemed interested in their unusual visitor."

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In another post, it added:

"This morning, Edward and Annie explored Shedd's rotunda. They are a bonded pair of rockhopper penguins, which means they are together for nesting season. Springtime is nesting season for penguins at Shedd, and this year is no different!”

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They continued:

"While this may be a strange time for us, these days feel normal for animals at Shedd. Our caregivers are constantly providing new experiences for the animals to explore and express their natural behaviours with."

Friday last week, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot made an announcement all public gatherings of 1,000 people or more had to be banned. As a result, many operations like zoos and aquariums, concert venues, and theaters had to close to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Shedd Aquarium told the Chicago Tribune:

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"Without guests in the building, caretakers are getting creative in how they provide enrichment to animals. Introducing new experiences, activities, foods and more to keep them active, encourage them to explore, problem-solve and express natural behaviours."

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American president Donald Trump has updated guidelines for people, avoid meeting in group of 10 or more.

President Trump told a news conference:

"It seems to me if we do a really good job, we'll not only hold the death down to a level that's much lower than the other way had we not done a good job, but people are talking about July, August.”

While it might not be the right time to visit a zoo or aquarium, at least be delighted with these adorable animals enjoying and roaming around freely. 

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